What does the clever woman differ from wise in?

What does the clever woman differ from wise in?

Since the childhood of girls in family prepare for that they grew up clever and beautiful. Those who watch themselves become those really and well study at school, and then and at higher education institution. It is enough to get a worthy education, and you will pass for the clever, well-mannered lady. And here to become the wise woman, other experience – everyday will be required absolutely.

To become the intellectual, it is necessary to make efforts and spend time.

How to become the clever woman?

  • To aspire to high point during study at school and college in all objects. For this purpose the assiduity, attentiveness and ambitions will be required. It is necessary to spend time for reading books, studying sciences and development in himself creative abilities. On it years will leave, and the object is set earlier, the it is easier to reach it.
  • People who got good higher education (and not one) are considered as intellectuals or were engaged in self-development and independent long studying any scientific area. In it there is nothing difficult, even "swots" - students graduate from higher education institution with degree crusts, so, can be considered as clever.
  • To read the large volume of literature and scientific works.
  • To train the brain by means of intellectual games, crossword puzzles, quizzes, to attend the developing trainings and courses.

It is so possible "to grow wise", but not wisdom. What is worldly wisdom of the woman - it is deep mind which relies on life experience of the person. It is ability quickly, at the level of an intuition to solve various problems, without resorting to logical operations. It is important to understand that it is impossible to call the concept "mind" a synonym of "wisdom". The clever woman will not manage to be carried to wise, and here the wisdom means existence of mind.

In what distinctions and how this property in love is shown?

In the relations with the man the wisdom cardinally differs from education.

  • Situation No. 1. The man made a mistake, and the woman learned about it. The clever woman will propose the successful, in her opinion, solution, will try to warn the elect and to warn a possible negative. How will wise arrive? The spouse will calm, will tell that everything is normal, happens to all. Will surely give support and will pretend that nothing terrible occurred.
  • Situation No. 2. The man experiences difficulties at work, the career or own business falls. The woman endowed with mind will try to cope with a situation independently, having shown to the spouse the firmness and confidence in tomorrow. It the example will show to the man that, despite difficulties, they will cope. The wise woman will very gracefully and masterly suggest the man several ideas, the movement will specify the direction and with a smile will give moral support.

In what differences in family life?

  • Situation No. 1. The clever woman is firmly convinced that knowledge is always success. She will keep under control education and estimates of children. She will attend to additional development, profound knowledge (by means of tutors), early education. Wise mother forward of education will consider priority the identity of the child, his high moral spirit, integrity, existence of own look, opinion, and will develop still ability to dream.
  • Situation No. 2. The clever woman will count actions of the child on several steps forward, without having given neither at children's age, nor in the adult to make a serious mistake, to stumble, choose not that way. She will rely on the experience and will give a practical advice concerning choice of profession, work, the spouse/spouse, friends and partners. Wise mother, on the contrary, will let children know everything. It is school of life – obtaining own experience. The wise woman will always support children even if it contradicts her principles.
  • Situation No. 3. The clever woman is sure of the independence, knowledge and responsibility for the made decisions. Her intelligence allows it to defy the independence of parents, and especially from the mother-in-law. She will not accept others point of view and councils as everything counts and understands everything. The wise woman, on the contrary, shows the complaisance and the attentive attitude towards all family members and their opinion. She with anybody does not argue and proves to nobody the case. But only wisely agrees with everything, but nevertheless does in own way. At the same time with all keeps the friendly relations, with a smile.

In what differences in the relations with people around?

  • Situation No. 1. In study or at work the clever woman will show to the administration and surrounding everything what she is capable in the intellectual plan of. She does not make mistakes, hands over reports in the forefront, is glad when it is allocated and encourage for merits. Perhaps, it not in the best way affects its relations with fellow students or colleagues, among them there are so many envious persons. The wise woman does not strive for superiority, for her you should not be in a priority the best and to be allocated intellectually. She carries out the tasks also well, but does not participate in a race of competitions. It turns labor/educational everyday life into pastime, pleasant for itself, having decorated process with the friendly atmosphere in a workplace. For the wise woman even the most envious acquaintance will become the pleasant interlocutor with whom it is pleasant to chat on a break behind a tea cup.

The main difference between clever and wise women – their outlook on life. The first feels happiness from own correctness, from the brilliant victories (daring to give in to the competitive moments, enjoying feeling of own superiority). The second precisely knows that she on a podium boringly and alone and does not matter who is right and guilty, the main thing is to become happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team