What does time with ""love to a coffin"

What does time with ""love to a coffin"

The love has the beginning and the end. Over time feelings can inflame and fade. To understand how the relations between lovers change, it is necessary to study love stages.

The first stage

If to lower the period of acquaintance and recognition of each other, the period of courting or time when the guy and the girl are friends, and at once to pass directly to love, then its first stage – passion. At this time the man and the woman cannot leave for a long time, pay much attention to the partner.

The man and the woman at a stage of passion do not notice each other shortcomings. The relations give a powerful charge of a positive, euphoria.

The person as though flits over daily occurrence, and the whole world seems the color animated film or romantic scenery.

During the first period it is possible to take great pleasure only from the fact that nearby there is darling. To hold it by a hand, to kiss and embrace – already happiness. The conflicts at this stage are practically absent. Partners do not face interests and do not express any discontent with each other. It seems to them that it is love "to a coffin". At this stage the sexual life of lovers is very active. Against the background of such passions can seem that it is love to a coffin. In such sweet illusion the people usually stay before the next stage.

The second stage

Later time, passion begins to weaken a little. Partners try to introduce a variety in the intimate life. Beautiful linen, new poses is used. In passing with the sexual party of the relations, also social develops. The man and the woman approach, meet friends and each other relatives more. Though feelings of lovers are strong, the feeling of novelty begins to fall down.

The guy and the girl think what person is with him nearby.

In the course of communication, new traits of character open, and time inevitably forces lovers to go on compromises or to quarrel on trifles.

The third stage

Over time passions cease, and stability comes to the relations. The love between the man and the woman gives them not feeling of butterflies in a stomach, and tranquil pleasure, confidence in the partner, satisfaction and an anticipation of long, happy life. In some couples and it happens. But sometimes the loving people are subjected to several tests of their feelings. The first crisis of the relations can arise on the first year. It happens because of desire of people to decide on the future, to understand how it is necessary to build the relations further. If the novel does not gain development during the first crisis, it can sputter out. Having overcome the first crisis, couple is not insured from approach of the following. Intervals to which they happen are individual. And here the reasons are approximately identical: everyday issues, unwillingness to be reconciled with shortcomings of another, lack of common interests. The child's birth, and not always in good sense can become the Perevorotny moment. This difficult vital period – the real test for the loving people. Those couples which appreciate the darlings together solve all problems, meet halfway each other and try to find a way out of a difficult situation together, receive an award – true love, strong and checked.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team