What family is called strong

Strong family - a basis of any state, guarantee of education of healthy children. The newlyweds marrying want their family to be called strong. But what means this concept actually, know, unfortunately, the few.

When two loving hearts connect by bonds of marriage, they start a family. Whether means it that their family will be strong? It will be possible to tell it with confidence only years later. For young family it is frequent more important love and passion to each other, rough emotions and pleasure proximity of the partner.

Then there are children, the first difficulties, life and real life. Then young people begin to think that they in the partner are attracted by not all. Former love comes to an end, and new feeling does not come, the husband and the wife often disperse, even without having learned what is family life actually.

What the strong family begins with

The strong family begins not in with the REGISTRY OFFICE, even appearance of the child does not do it that. First of all the mutual respect of spouses to each other can rally family, desire to make life of another is better, to help and support at a difficult moment. Many think that family life has to be filled with love and it, undoubtedly, so. But quarrels and disagreements arise not because the love passed - rather, it is the conflicts are capable to destroy all good and good feelings in partners. Their quarrels arise because spouses are not able to agree, do not support each other, want to get more advantages, than the husband or the wife in marriage. Marriage is life of two people, joint pleasures and the general duties, but some partners got used to think selfishly that another something has to them. So there are disputes on the one to whom to wash the dishes or to prepare, whose turn to bring order. And sometimes men do not find it necessary to take part in household duties at all: to cleaning, cooking, washing. From minor problems, avoiding of a talk, accumulation of offense also begin the main problems of most of families. And if in the beginning such troubles still seem reparable, then over time they are aggravated and lead to marriage destruction.

How to keep family

Means, strong family is called not that which can avoid all problems. But that where similar problems got used to recognize and understand them. That the family became strong, the husband and the wife have to be in it equal partners, know the duties, be able to speak about problems directly, to agree, to tell openly that the spouse disturbs. And to be able to support other person, to rejoice sincerely to his victories, to support in failures. Only this way two different persons can become relatives and the family each other. In strong family the main thing is not as far as people suit one another or their interests are how similar. In strong family the main thing is to be able to see in any person the personality and validly, with love to treat it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team