What female images are attractive to men

What female images are attractive to men

Film stars of the past and the present who were popular with men created to themselves certain certain images, the special style. Marilyn Monroe is associated with a shock of a blond hair, scarlet lips and a white light dress. Dita von Teese uses an image of the femme fatale, from here and corsets, a bright make-up, black hair and accessories in style of a sado-maso. By means of clothes, cosmetics and a manner of behavior you can create too the style which will attract men.

1. All women to a degree have actor's abilities therefore it will be rather easy for you to try on on themselves images which so attract men. Ideals changed eventually: portly female mother and fragile teenage female, fatal beauty and romantic young lady, keeper of the center and subjugator of space.

2. Of course, images was and exists incomparably more. Each man carries the dream woman in the heart. It is impossible to correspond to all of them. Try to experiment with images which are checked by time and a great number of other women to you.

3. The femme fatale, to the femme-fatala, the vamp so is called one of the most attractive for men of female images. The main thing here – sexuality in each trifle! Many men dream of pleasant pastime with the vamp. Dresses of the beauty provocatively, color scale black-red. Also dab of red is a lot of black.

4. When you are tired of an image of the femme fatale, try on chiffon dresses of the romantic girl. Such persons to liking to many guys who are rather afraid to a femme-fatala. This image denies feminism and predatoriness. The romantic girl trusts in true love and turns men into the belief! To correspond to this image, buy womanly skirts, blouses and dresses. Choose material gentle, pastel shades. You do a make-up imperceptible that there was an impression that it is absent at all.

5. Some men prefer communication with women who behave as "the guy". This image will suit not each girl and not each young man it will be pleasant. Generally it is used by women who want "to approach closer" the specific person that he did not feel that on it there is "hunting". To fit into an image of "the guy", use clothes a unisex, you do not do a bright make-up, you carry a short hairstyle or take away hair. Study purely men's subjects to keep up the conversation about sport, cars, fishing and "women bitches". It is necessary to learn to drink beer!

6. There are two images which attract men, but are opposite. The unapproachable female bitch and the thoughtless sociable girl possess everyone the charm. Their main difference – a behavior manner.

7. A set of female images hypnotically affect men. You need to find such in which you will organically feel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team