What female mistakes provoke break in relations

What female mistakes provoke break in relations

Even ideal at first sight couples can face problems with mutual understanding. As a rule, these problems are solved, but in certain cases the wrong female behavior can lead to a gap even if in the beginning the man will try not to pay attention to it.

The main mistakes in behavior most of which often make women, destroying the relations:


The excessive suspiciousness can spoil even the strongest relations and strong feelings. The questions "where", "with whom", constant calls to learn location of the partner, search of love notes in pockets, check of mail, phone, generally, any attempt to deprive the second half of personal space leads to the fact that the man at some point is tired of it. The feeling of mistrust from the woman forces the man to become reserved even without the relations on the party, the woman in this case begins to dig even more deeply. Trust the man, and at any suspicions do not go into extremes. Have with the husband a heart-to-heart talk and stop to exhaust him the excessive curiosity which can turn into a maniacal habit over time.

SravneniyaSravneniya with other men not in favor of your husband will unambiguously lead to a gap. The man has to be unique, one and only, and comparisons with others lead to the fact that he will begin to doubt himself and will restore feeling of confidence by means of someone else. Remember, as you have shortcomings about which it would be extremely unpleasant to hear from the beloved's lips. ZhalobyPri emergence of problem situations with the husband many women begin to complain of it to girlfriends, mothers, colleagues. Well, those in turn will protect the man and will advise you to talk to him and to solve everything among themselves, and to wash the dirty linen at home. But in certain cases to please to you the husband will begin to abuse and heat a situation to such an extent that to one insignificant shortcoming of the man 10 more far-fetched will increase. Solve problems together, perhaps the man unconsciously does what irritates you, without noticing that, and after the quiet conversation will get rid of an addiction. SkandalySsora and scandals from scratch also destroy the relations. It is possible to pack the scattered socks or other things in a couple of minutes and to forget about it, and the relations spoiled by constant hysterics will be very difficult to be restored, and sometimes and it is impossible. Pay attention and to the shortcomings, perhaps, your husband is irritated by your hair in the bathroom in a sink or on a floor, but he does not turn one hair into scandal, and just does not pay attention to it not to provoke a quarrel. Inability proshchatyochen often after a conflict situation which it would be possible to forget and live further happily the woman begins to remember offense at each opportunity, even then, when the man already asked forgiveness. Such behavior will lead to quarrels again and again, so and to new offenses, memories of which will grow as a snowball. If you were offended, but asked forgiveness, forget about this offense forever.

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