What flowers are loved most of all by women

What flowers are loved most of all by women

Rose – the queen of flowers. About it the set of legends is put, it was worshipped since ancient times, she was esteemed and glorified. A rose – a symbol of eternal love and unearthly beauty. Tsars decorated with roses the rooms, and Brahmins – temples. Covered with petals of roses roads to gods during religious processions, roses rendered tribute and taxes.


1. The Indian legends say that the most beautiful of women – the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi, was born from the dismissed rose bud. This surprising flower – from bright red flaring passion to cold blue, women of the whole world love and esteem. Pink color symbolizes tenderness and elegance, white – harmony and perfection. Dark red and burgundy flowers are preferred by women as a compliment to their beauty and advantage. And yellow roses mean joy, the light solar relations, carelessness, contrary to wrong interpretation of treason and incorrectness.

2. Give to darlings tulips! It is a graceful spring flower – a symbol of tenderness and pure love. About tulips many legends why it is called a fantastic flower are put. It is considered that happiness is kept in a bud of a yellow tulip. And a bouquet of red colors it is possible to express a declaration of love without words.

3. "Loves – does not love …" - lovely and naive guessing of girls on camomile petals. These gentle romantic flowers – the most suitable compliment for the first appointment and a reminder on eternal beauty and originality for any woman.

4. A lily – a flower with rich history. Refined and mysterious, it strikes with the beauty and seducement of fans worldwide. This delightful flower was chosen as a symbol of the French monarchy, and in Ancient Rome it symbolized material luxury, wealth and wellbeing. The lily captivates women of the whole world the beauty and perfection.

5. Friendly flowers of a chrysanthemum please with the simplicity and a charm of women of the different countries. History mentions emergence of these flowers in the east, namely in China and Japan. Emperors of these countries long since read a chrysanthemum which was very rare flower in those days. In Japan the chrysanthemum is considered a symbol of the sun, the messenger of fall and also is represented on the State Emblem.

6. An orchid – a flower of youth, love and elegance. It is considered that the aroma of an orchid gives to a bouquet mood of passion and originality. In translation from Latin the orchid means "the event from God" that allocates it with nobility and perfection. Women of the whole world admire these flowers.

7. Gerberas – a surprising combination of simplicity, appeal and elegance. As the sun, this flower lights up any bouquet the brightness and friendly shine. Therefore it is a symbol of purity, creation and joy. The playful bouquet of gerberas will be accepted by any woman as the sign of pure, innocent and eternal love.

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