What flowers to present to mother for birthday

What flowers to present to mother for birthday

Birthday of mother — an excellent opportunity to surround with special care, warmth and attention responsible for this celebration, the dearest and loved one. The flowers presented in honor of this holiday will please it and will lighten it the mood. Therefore it is important that at their choice preferences and features of character of your mother were considered, and the bouquet was handed sincerely and with love.


1. Choosing a bouquet for mother, it is necessary to treat process with special attention, at each flower the value, the hidden sense and symbolics is made. Besides, it is necessary to decide on character of your mother.

2. If she is a business woman, it in everyday life needs more joy and light. The career and working everyday life are often accompanied by stresses and tension. And therefore yellow roses, lilies and chrysanthemums will become the fine choice. Such flowers will bring a lot of positive and energy, will allow to take off fatigue. Mother who loves the nature will be pleased very much by a bouquet of cornflowers, camomiles, irises or gerber. They bring ease and heat.

3. Mother who is a housewife can present bright tulips which will be told her of your care and love. If your mother is a sportswoman and the activist, the vigorous woman, roses and orchids will become for it the compliment speaking about its symmetry and youthful appearance. It is the best of all for mother who differs in conservative views on life to present a traditional bouquet of chrysanthemums or magnificent roses, these flowers it is conventional are considered as classics.

4. If your mother prefers houseplants, you can present her one more copy. It is desirable to outline previously a choice circle as many hostesses prefer plants in pots of one type, for example, succulents and cactuses or various violets. For flower growers with refined taste it is worth looking for some unusual and rare plant in shops. However it is worth remembering that for it special conditions of keeping about which it is desirable to consult previously with the selling assistant can be required.

5. Besides, mother for birthday can present an original bouquet in which flowers are made with own hands from multi-colored paper or some other improvised material. In the presence of a stock of time and imagination it is possible to create fantastically beautiful composition, having used only paper, glue, the minimum skills of origami and own imagination. An important role by drawing up hand-made of a bouquet is played by various elements of a decor as which it is possible to adapt rhinestones, beads, bright tapes, brown paper and other.

6. Today production of bouquets from candies enjoys special popularity. The similar gift for certain will please mother sweet tooth. Bouquets from candies differ in originality, elegance and durability. Besides, for birthday iozhno to present to mother the flowers made of polymer clay or porcelain by the hands. If you have no such skills, similar products can be bought in online store or to order from the private master. Such flowers look just as fresh and they will serve not one year, flaunting on the foreground and reminding your mother of you. Anyway, the main thing – not so much a gift, how many your expression of care, love and attention to the dearest person in life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team