What forces liking to leave

What forces liking to leave

Sometimes it happens so that even the strong and settled couples break up. In a set of cases one of partners very strongly and painfully endures a gap. Of course, over time there is an understanding why the relations broke up, but it only over time. To define the reason of disintegration of the settled union, the opinion poll in which men and women participated was made, by his results revealed several fundamental factors.

Why after all relatives and the loving people leave?

  • Unrealized expectations. Most of people, both men, and women, have in the head the accurate plan of the future, well or not really accurate. Naturally, nobody is able to read the partner's mind and nobody can assume his behavior in any given situation. At the beginning of the arising relations each of partners tries to prove to be from the most attractive and favorable side. Subsequently it can turn out that the wife or just the girl flatly refuses to spend all evenings and the days off in kitchen, humouring a stomach of darling. Or, on the contrary, in family a critical situation with finance, and the husband does not hurry on search of earnings. Some, having joined hands, cope with a problem, and others prefer to leave.
  • Financial problems. The acute shortage of money makes people a little contact and nervous, in such situation it is very difficult to maintain carrying each other. Partners can make each other a claim: you earn a little or you spend too much and so on.
  • Some of partners wish to control each step of the soulmate, without allowing to inhale literally freely: infinite calls, search of the compromising SMS messages, a lasagna on social networks of the spouse and so on. Such behavior is characteristic of people of both sexes who often do not suffer from excessive fidelity.
  • One person in itself is not family yet, and only two can construct the strong relations. If partners constantly compete among themselves (the reasons can be the most various, beginning from chores and finishing with quantity of the earned money), then these relations are doomed to a failure.
  • Different characters. At each of partners the vision and representation of homeliness, carrying out leisure and holidays, the relations with relatives and so on. The different attitude can become the reason of serious problems in the relations between partners. Of course, to change character very difficult, sometimes it is impossible absolutely, but you should not forget about respect and that the soulmate can have interests.
  • Lack of attention. At the very beginning of the relations of the girl are ready to listen for day to the guys, and those, in turn, tirelessly go on compliments and sing the praises. That for a talk it is a lot of, each word is already understood, but such proceeds not for long. In the absence of attention from the soulmate, one of partners can feel lonely, unnecessary, devoted. To keep the relations, it is necessary to allocate time which you will spend alone.

During the quarrels the people are often given to emotions, forgetting about common sense. Even the smallest offense from the partner seems already universal evil and an occasion to break off the relations. In similar situations it is better to disperse on different rooms and to cool down slightly, otherwise consequences can be irreversible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team