What have to be the relations between the man and the woman

What have to be the relations between the man and the woman

The relations between the man and the woman - it is very difficult. All of us are very different and to do mistakes about which then it is necessary to be sorry, very easily. But it is possible these mistakes and not to allow. What for this purpose is necessary? It is enough to follow some rules, and mistakes if are, then them will be much less.


1. It is necessary to learn to respect each other. The respect has to be the basic principle of the relations between the man and the woman. Even existence of various interests and different levels of earnings should not interfere with mutual respect.

2. It is important to understand that the compromise is not loss, and absolutely on the contrary... Therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of a compromise, often a compromise solution - the most right decision. It is not necessary to insist on the too zealously. It concerns both men, and women. It is necessary to concede each other. Only by means of reciprocal concessions it is possible to achieve the decision which eventually will suit all.

3. Trust - it is very important. In certain cases it is possible and to porevnovat. If not to go to far in jealousy, then it gives to the person who is jealous feeling of necessity. But it is necessary to remember that the jealousy is good only in small doses, otherwise constant cavils and prosecutions will enrage any, and to anything good it will not lead. By the way, it is noticed that change where jealousy more - the invariable companion of life.

4. At the relations between spouses always there has to be a mutual aid. Both the weak, and stronger sex needs the help and support. Men are men, and often from men it is possible to hear that any support they do not need, but it not so, the kind word of support is important for all. Here only the woman does not need to be too persuasive in this question, otherwise the persistence can only do much harm.

5. The half needs to be loved for what it is, but not for what it could become. At the very beginning of matrimonial life the newlyweds make iridescent plans which are not always fated to come true. Everything will place reality on the places. It is not necessary to forge the half under himself. We are such what we are, and it makes us unique.

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