What in life it is more important - family or career?

What in life it is more important - family or career?

It is difficult to some people to be guided in the vital values and to understand what needs to give more time and forces: to creation of career or creation and strengthening of family. It is correct to place priorities it is possible if to understand itself.


Work helps the person to realize the potential. Successfully chosen profession and a field of activity allow the individual grow as the professional and as the personality, to receive a solid remuneration and pleasure from work.

People who do not love the work or cannot achieve any noticeable results at the position, every day feel unfortunate, going to service. If not to pay due attention to the career, eventually it is possible to remain the unclaimed unemployed.

Thanks to good work, the person can reach financial wellbeing. If work is well paid, the individual can adequately live, provide the relatives, travel, buy all necessary for life and even more. However at creation of career it is necessary to commensurate the opportunities. Some people work almost around the clock. Insomnia, overfatigue, a stress and even various diseases become payment for success in the professional sphere. The person who is not able to distract from work and to relax, call the workaholic. It is good when the individual derives pleasure from work, but also in work it is necessary to observe a measure.

Besides work, is a lot remarkable in life. Besides, the organism needs to give rest.


Without family of people can feel lonely also unfortunate. Some people only also dream of that the loved one was near. Sometimes the individual has all visible signs of wellbeing: money, apartment, car. But he does not feel satisfaction because it is lonely. Some guys and girls do not hurry to make family. They want to construct career at first. Having achieved certain success, they begin to be engaged in private life and understand that missed some moment. Fellow coevals already have families and children, and the careerist everything cannot find to himself worthy couple. Especially this problem concerns women who seek to subdue a career ladder and are not engaged in the private life at all. They risk to pass that age at which it is necessary to bring children, and then bitterly regret that cannot start a full-fledged family. The family needs to be valued. Some people too late understand it. They steep in work or think only of themselves, and then find out that they lost darling or moved away from own children.

Close, dear people – the real gift. Time having missed it, it is possible to return the past never. While the career can be started from scratch, the new family will not be able to replace old.

Therefore it is necessary to put members of the family on the first place, but not to direct all efforts to career. Some people completely give all the best at work. And then angry and tired, come home and break on house. Others are so keen on work and a pursuit of money that do not see the family even on holidays. The result of such life will be deplorable. The person can remain one, both any money and labor progresses not will not be able to be made his happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team