What interesting questions to ask the person that to know him better?

What interesting questions to ask the person that to know him better?

At a stage of acquaintance to the person it is possible to define how harmonious will be the relations with it. Thanks to it you will avoid problems, having contacted the partner who absolutely does not suit you. At the same time the first talk can not be limited to standard subjects about favourite movies and books.

Interesting questions for the first meetings

To know the guy or the girl better, without asking at the same time questions of character or preferences, you can transfer a conversation to discussion of the relations with relatives and friends. In appearance such subjects do not look dangerous at all, but with their help you can define what to wait from your new acquaintance for. If the girl or the guy speak about parents much and in every possible way extol them, the risk is high that the senior relatives will have huge influence on your relations. Expressly rough or derisive comments on friends can also tell a lot of things of how the person got used to build the relations.

You for certain too should tell about the family. You watch words when you do it. After all, your interlocutor will be able to draw many interesting conclusions too.

Share the plans for the future and life priorities, and then ask the interlocutor to make the same. Speaking about a long-term outlook, he will let know that it is the most important for it in life. You easily define how real purposes it sets, prefers to plan or improvise that disturbs him and what he is confident in.

How to know the person better: questions from risk shares

There are questions which help to get acquainted closer with the guy or the girl, but at the same time can be undesirable. Use them if you see that your interlocutor is ready to speak for such subjects. For example, not superfluous will be to specify what he sees the soulmate. It will help you to define as far as you are close to an ideal and also to learn that your interlocutor is and what he wants in life.

Speaking about the potential soulmate, specify what you mean. It can be the person with whom it is comfortable to live, with whom there is a wish to get married or even to bring children and to come to an old age.

One more interesting question concerns the relations between the man and the woman. You can ask how, according to your interlocutor, household chores and also who has to be the main thing in the relations and who – conducted have to be distributed. It will help you to define, your views of similar things are how well combined. However be careful: you should not turn to such question too quickly that there was no impression that you want to begin the serious relations quicker. Thanks to such question it is possible to define easily who before you – the tyrant, the diffident person, the egoist. Your interlocutor himself will give himself, speaking about others.

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