What irritates women in men

What irritates women in men

The man at acquaintance to the woman who interested him tries to appear before her perfect. But views of floors of an ideal usually differ. The woman does not accept what the man can consider favorable quality. To the contrary, the guy can try to hide some shortcomings, and in the opinion of the girl they will look advantages.

Exaggeration of the status in society

Men, to fascinate women, can at once begin to show off. They can speak about high income, the business, houses, yachts. At the same time guys put on expensive suit an appointment, take the mobile phone of a latest model, purses fill money. But not always the image created by the man for a meeting is true. The woman will feel a lie. Boasting will only push away the girl from this man.

Playing the businessman, to the man it is necessary not only to put on a suit, but also to merge with this image internally.

Humiliation of rivals

The man, diffident, can begin "to tower" over other men at the expense of their criticism. Women very much do not like similar behavior. Instead of doing knightly acts, the guy behaves ugly, reveals before the lady as the rascal, the fool, the loser and the weakling.

Bribery of the woman

If the man has enough money, he thinks that everything can be bought around including the woman. The man can make to the lady expensive gifts, and then demand from her complete submission. Some women can accept such option of the relations, but not all. Men should remember that the woman gives the true love free of charge. And similar outright briberies at the very beginning of the relations can already irritate the girl.

Roughness and weakness

For the woman important that the man behaved delicately and gallantly. Long ago there passed those times when the man grabbed the woman hair and dragged her to himself in a cave. Therefore it is not necessary to behave with the woman roughly, showing rustic nature and force.

Only the women who are not respecting themselves can tolerate boorish behavior. The true lady will not remain near the similar man for a minute.

At the same time ladies do not respect manifestation of weakness, moaning from the guy. The woman can tell you about problems, sharing with you as with "girlfriend", but at the same time she subconsciously wants you to treat it knowingly and even helped business as a real man. But did not begin to spread in reply the problems at all, howling and sobbing.


Cohabitation usually is complicated by negligence of men. The socks scattered on all house and clothes are familiar to women. At the same time, gathering for work, the man can demand them from the beloved. He sincerely considers that time the woman - the keeper of a home, she also has to know where in her territory of its thing.

Men's hobbies

Often for the woman the viewing soccer, hockey, boxing becomes the real test. The man cannot quietly watch a game. He shouts, constantly jumps and periodically such flow of abuse pours out that the woman just wants to disappear from the house. Besides, ladies not always love such attributes as beer, cigarettes, newspapers. And the fishing loved by many men together with drink of strong drinks seldom does not irritate women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team