What is a homophobia?

What is a homophobia?

In psychiatry various phobias – unreasonable, uncontrollable fear of something or permanent rejection of certain situations meet. Many consider that phobias are a disease that near the truth.

The concept a homophobia was heard by many, but not everyone understands that actually this fear means. The most popular belief that homophobes are people who extremely are negative to homosexuals and to homosexuality manifestation in general. In reality everything is a little more difficult.

To understand itself

The homophobe not just hates homosexuality, first of all he is afraid, as itself can treat sexual minorities. If the person suddenly notices for himself any desires and imaginations connected with homosexuality he has an internal homophobia – emergence of doubts in own sexuality in her traditional understanding. All these fears and experiences develop into the unreasonable aggression aimed at any manifestation of homosexuality.

Many people who oppose a homophobia, claim that such their relation is connected with the standard norms, morals where there is no place to homosexuality. Defenders of sexual minorities explain these the aggression, meetings and times too persuasive promotion of a homophobia.

Most of furious and active opponents of the same-sex sexual relationships consider that such their behavior is not a homophobia. The phobia is a fear, they have no such feeling.

Homophobia as diagnosis

At the moment there is no accurate opinion whether the homophobia is a disease. Many people mean absolutely different concepts by this term. From the psychological point of view the homophobia is the diagnosis, but it is not always simple to draw a clear boundary between it and just negative attitude to homosexuality.

The homophobia is not considered a form of a mental disorder. Modern experts mean by this term negative emotions concerning any manifestation of homosexuality, including open demonstration of the same-sex sexual relationships. It not only fear, but also anger, hatred, disgust.

The homophobia is not the diagnosis for the rest of life. To show aggression or just to feel hostility, rejection in relation to homosexuality – a personal record of everyone. For a start it is necessary to understand himself, to understand the internal reasons of the feelings and emotions.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team