What is a hookah and as it is arranged?

What is a hookah and as it is arranged?

Even disregarding wide circulation of smoking devices, there are people who do not know what is a hookah, so, it is the device traditional in the east used for smoking. Those who like to smoke assure that it is the whole philosophy creating the weakened atmosphere.

What is it - a hookah?

This word it is accepted to call the special device for smoking in which smoke is filtered and cooled, and then it is inhaled by the person. Many are sure that it is completely safe and is an excellent alternative to cigarettes, but scientists have in this respect other opinion. The homeland of a hookah consider India, and many scientists are sure that initially it was invented for treatment and meditation. There is information that the similar device was used by Indians of the tribe of the Maya.

It is worth finding out also, what is it tobacco for a hookah, so, actually it is mix which contains not only the dried-up leaves, but also other additives, for example

  • the fragrance impacting unique relish to smoke;
  • the treacle which is providing viscosity of mix, and not allowing tobacco to dry up;
  • glycerin important for density of smoke.

What is it electronic hookah?

The compact device for smoking is called an electronic hookah. It includes a mouthpiece, a cylinder, the cartridge with mix and the accumulator which replaces coals. The device can include a tube and the button. If interests, the device of a hookah and as it works, and so it in the steam generator turns smoking mix into fragrant steam. Replaceable cartridges include: propylene glycol, glycerin, aromatic mix and the distilled water. Describing what is an electronic hookah, it is worth specifying that he is four types: pocket, standard, hookah handle and different electronic bowls.

That it is a steam hookah?

The smoking hookah or steam cocktail thought up when a ban on use of tobacco mixes was imposed. The essence of technology is that the porous materials having the high absorbing properties on them are used there is a glycerin, treacle or honey, and still fragrances which are applied to usual tobacco. These stones play a role of tobacco mix. If interests why water in a hookah, then it under the influence of temperature begins to heat up, emitting steam which passes through the absorbing materials, being sated with taste.

The stones used in a steam hookah are reusable, so, when syrup or treacle evaporate, they change the shade that indicates the need of updating. For this purpose they are presoaked for a certain time in syrup or others by substances. It is possible to repeat such procedure on the same stones to 10 times. In other nuances the process of preparation of a hookah does not differ in any way.

Why do smoke a hookah?

There are several reasons because of which people begin to smoke and love a hookah:

  1. According to polls many smokers do it because of the weakening action. Modern life is full of different stresses of which many get rid, dragging on fragrant smoke as process helps to distract from problems and cares.
  2. Interests many whether the hookah is dangerous to health, and so scientific research proved that it provokes physiological and psychological dependence. At the same time nonconventional smoking is popular option of leisure, both in public places, and in house conditions.
  3. There are people who love a hookah for receiving new unusual feelings when mixing different types of tobacco.
  4. Finding out what is a hookah and what it is loved for, It should be noted that some pass to it when want to leave off smoking usual cigarettes. Experts claim that such decision does not yield any results as it is possible to get rid of dependence only at total rejection of the tobacco use.

Whether the hookah is harmful to health?

The danger of inhalation of the tobacco smoke which underwent clarification is disputable, but the hookah is precisely dangerous in terms of hygiene. In flasks and tubes pathogenic microbes which can be transferred from the person to the person can accumulate if the owner of the device does not carry out disinfection. Harm of a hookah for human health consists in risk of aggravation of attacks of allergy. One more often met problem – staphylococcal poisoning. Besides, the hookah can become the cause of infection with any infection which is transmitted in the airborne way.

At frequent smoking of a hookah perhaps negative impact on:

  • heart;
  • lungs;
  • throat;
  • sight;

Hookah device

In a hookah there are several main parts, so, in its basis there is a flask with liquid in which settles about 40% of the substances which are in smoke. From a vessel the special hose with chubuky, providing convenient smoking departs. The device (principle of work) of a hookah cannot be presented without mine which plays a filter role, and from above the bowl is inserted into it. Still the design assumes a hose and a mouthpiece.

Why a ball in a hookah?

One of compound details in the valve – a ball which closes an opening at an inhaling. Thanks to this detail the tightness of a product is created. To understand why the ball in a hookah is necessary, it is necessary to find out how it works. At the moment when the person blows a hookah, the air located over liquid in a flask comes out a cup and the valve. At this time it pushes out a ball from an opening, holding it within the valve, and then when the intensity of air falls, he returns to the place, providing tightness.

By means of a ball there is also a regulation of temperature of smoking. Its diameter varies from 3 to 6 mm, and it depends hookah models. There are options in which the size of a ball reaches 8 mm. Make it of plastic, metal or glass. The first option is considered the most optimum, but it is necessary to change it time in 1-2 months. The darkness which are in the bearing can replace a ball, and some use antiscorbutic vitamin for this purpose.

That it is a bacha for a hookah?

This accessory is used as foil substitute, and consists it of a cap and a strainer. Apply heat resisting metals to production of a bacha, at the same time they should not be covered with any paint or enamel. Describing what is a bacha for a hookah, it is worth specifying that when choosing this element it is important to check that it steadily was placed on a bowl. Important after each application to watch purity of an accessory, otherwise it will be possible to spoil taste of tobacco at the following smoking.

What is the diffuser in a hookah?

Useful element is the diffuser – the device intended for division of the main air flow. In a flask air emerges a big bubble which by means of this addition is divided into small bubbles. Understanding that why the diffuser for a hookah is necessary, it is worth specifying that this adaptation does draft equal and smooth, reducing the noise which is allocated during smoking.

Besides, the device carries out additional filtration that does smoking by less safe. As the diffuser divides the main air flow, smoke is better cooled. It can be metal and silicone. The second option is the best as material strong, reliable, flexible, and it does not get out of a shape over time. Unlike metal the silicone products are universal for all hookahs.

What is the mine in a hookah?

This detail is called hookah heart, and it is the most difficult and dear. The mine represents the metal tube intended for filtration and cooling of smoke. It has strong impact on flavoring feelings, saturation of smoke and other consumer qualities. The good detail can be made only industrially. If interests what is a hookah and the mine, it is worth specifying that it consists of several parts: a nose for a cup, a saucer for coal, the cooling tunnel, the basis with port and tubes.

The device of a hookah allows use of mines of different length, but height in 50-70 cm is optimum. When choosing it is important to consider material of which this element is made. Options from the stainless steel having quite good heat conductivity, durability and durability are more widespread. Still the mine can be from brass, copper and aluminum. In up-to-date models options from glass are used. The mine can be integral, assembly, compound and combined.

What is a mouthpiece for a hookah?

It is a rigid part with which the hookah hose comes to an end. It is held by people, during smoking. Still mouthpieces call tips which give to a hookah and put on a hose. Such removable tips are necessary for a hygiene reason as many diseases are transmitted through saliva. The device of a hookah includes this detail in order that smoking was comfortable and safe.

Depending on production material the mouthpieces are classified on wooden, glass, plastic and metal. Explaining what is a hookah and what details it includes, it is worth specifying that there are mouthpieces with the cooler which is capsules with helium. This element helps to disclose in a different way taste, doing it to more saturated, and smoke – soft. Such tips are made of plastic, glass and aluminum.

Types of hookahs

There are many classifications of hookahs, for example, on the materials used in production, allocate three classes: house-keeper, standard and prestigious. There are configurations of hookahs by the sizes, and they can be mini-, average and big. Types of hookahs can be classified also by the place of their production: Turkish, Chinese, Syrian, Indian and Egyptian. Devices from Syria are the most popular. Describing what is a hookah and as to choose it, it is necessary to pay attention and to the most popular brands:

  • Meduse;
  • Egeglas;
  • Khalil Mamoon;
  • FUMO;
  • Habibi and others

Types of tobacco for a hookah

Divide tobacco mixes on fortress, so, there is ultralight, easy, average, strong and ultrastrong. Traditionally allocate three options of tobacco which have individual differences and features. There are such types of tabak for a hookah:

  1. Zhurak. The crushed tobacco weight to which add sugar treacle or syrup, and still different aromatic spices. Sometimes some fruit or oils can be added to basic components. At us this type of tobacco is not popular, unlike Nepal, Saudi Arabia and the northern regions of India. Zhurak it is accepted to impose with the hill, and from above to place coals. The foil at the same time practically is never used, but the bowl of the bigger size is necessary.
  2. Tombak. Classical mix which is preferred by the people wishing to feel tobacco taste without any additives and fragrances. Important minus – high content of nicotine that is unhealthy. To reduce its concentration, tobacco is soaked at first, and then squeezed out. Tombak is very popular in Turkey. He represents several big leaves of tobacco of the first grade at which the central vein is removed. For preparation of a hookah wrap in leaves a hookah top, displaying from above coals.
  3. Muassel (Massil). The most widespread option which appeared in Egypt. In mix treacle which gives saturated concentration is used. Besides thanks to this additive, tobacco is better lit up. To improve even more quality of mix began to add to it different fragrances therefore it is possible to buy tobacco with taste of fruit, coffee, mint and so on. Often experiment with Muassel, combining with each other different flavoring types, for example, watermelon + vanilla + mint. Muassel's list – 50% of glycerin and treacle, 30% of largely cut tobacco leaves and 20% of other additives.

That it is a fur-coat for a hookah?

Fur-coat is ultrastrong tobacco which appeared in the countries of the Middle East. What is interesting, the name is translated from Arabic as dizziness. Special popularity of Dokha enjoys the UAE. Describing what is Doha for a hookah, it is worth specifying that grow up tobacco in hot climate, and then subject to certain manipulations: dry leaves on fire, pulverize in special mortars, receiving powder of green color. Add different fragrances to it, for example, fruit, herbs and roots. Ready Doha is five times stronger than the strongest nicotinic cigarettes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team