What is anarchy and in what its pyusa and minuses?

What is anarchy and in what its pyusa and minuses?

In modern society not everyone knows of what is anarchy and as to distinguish it from other directions. For most of us this current is represented a certain form of a protest, a revolt and permissiveness. However in fact it has broader value and quite often bears in itself the spiritual ideas.

Anarchy - what is it?

Not many of us definitely know that anarchy means. Understand the idea of absence of any power both over society as it, and over an individual personality. It is not ideology, but philosophy and even outlook. Such concept quite often call utter chaos, a disorder and lawlessness. Supporters of a current speak about it as about a political system in which all cooperate on equal terms. They are sure that without the power the state has the right for existence, assure that in such life there are a lot of advantages.

Anarchy symbol

At this current exists a little simvolik:

  1. The black cross – the organization the Anarchist black cross fights for liquidation of prisons. Initially the Red cross was called. This emblem arose thanks to charity organization known around the world. However in 1919 the name changed because the organization began similar to anarchists activity, but already under a black cross.
  2. The wooden boot – was popular in the XIX-XX centuries. Such wooden boots used to break work on production. They were thrown into machines to break. Now this sign is not used, but it is recognized to everyone who treats this direction.
  3. The black cat – the creator is Ralf Chaplin who claimed that this animal is associated with the ideas of a protest.

However the most popular the anarchy badge in a look And in a circle is considered. In initial option the letter was inscribed in a circle, but later time this symbol changed the appearance a little. In modern option the letter goes beyond a circle. What of currents the anarchist would not treat, he knows interpretation of this sign. Here And represents anarchy, and About - an order.

Anarchy philosophy

In the modern world it is accepted to understand a condition of chaos and a disorder in society as this term. However supporters of the form of government known around the world claim that it is not true as the word in translation from Greek means absence and anarchy, but not opposition or contrast in any way.

Were interested in it as a mentality in Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese philosophical doctrines, in Christianity and in some medieval sects. Criticized the alienating role of the state of Lao-Zi, Chzhuan-tszy, Antifont, Aristin and Zenon. The French politician Pierre-Joseph Proudon understood freedom measure as this term that recognizes only the rule of law. It possesses the speaking for statement anarchy mother of an order.

Anarchy - signs

To define this direction not and it is difficult. Modern anarchy has the following signs:

  1. Over consciousness of the person there is no power. This form of slavery is considered the most artful.
  2. In the state there is no power.
  3. Society has no power over the personality.
  4. There is no power of the person over the person which can be carried out by means of coercion.

Types of anarchy

Anarchy in society has separate types:

  1. The anarcho-individualism – preaches the right of each person to dispose of itself which each person has since the birth and does not depend on sexual and social characteristics. The founder of this direction is a nihilist Max Shtirner.
  2. Christian (orthodox) anarchy – develops the philosophical ideas put in Jesus Christ's exercises about need to seek for spiritual and social release of the person from any based on violence and oppression of the relations.
  3. Anarcho-communism – preaches establishment of such order which will be based on mutual aid and solidarity of all people. Among the ideas of this direction there are freedom, decentralization, equality and mutual aid.

Anarchy - pluses and minuses

If to speak about this current, you should not claim that it unambiguously bears a negative or only advantage for society. There are both anarchy pluses, and anarchy minuses. Desire to remain free and to develop harmoniously as the personality, oppression from the outside wishes to be identity and not to test each supporter of this current. However danger of the direction it is possible to call that people are capable to destroy by similar actions system elements, personal installations, the principles, standards of behavior, religions and cultures.

Difference of anarchy from anarchism

It becomes frequent relevant a question what is anarchy and what have differences anarchy and anarchism. The last is set of the general principles and fundamental concepts that assume elimination from public life of the political, economic, moral and spiritual power. Anarchy of the power it is accepted to understand the idea of absence of the power over society and the personality as a concept. In translation from Greek this term means without power, domination and violence over society.

Anarchy consequences

It is often possible to hear that anarchy the form of government. It is such political system where there is no government and everyone can arrive as finds necessary. This type of the relations is observed in the Eden garden. After fall of the person the desire to belong was replaced with desire to have, have, and disinterested intentions egoism. Since then God established hierarchy of the power of the husband over the wife. It was also the first form of human board. Later the mankind learned that it is meant by anarchy, living in the period of judges Ikhrailev.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team