What is crisis of the family relations

What is crisis of the family relations

Naturally, in family life everything cannot be smooth. Crises, disappointments, failures are inevitable. The main thing – ability to wait the moment when there is a wish to pack things and to leave, having slammed the door.

Signs of the future crisis

Crisis of the family relations – such situation in family when the order is broken and arises misunderstanding of each other in any given situation. There are several symptoms foretelling dissonance of the family relations. These are, first of all, frequent quarrels. According to psychologists, the spouses approaching crisis in family life complain of mutual misunderstanding. Claims arise continually. With what earlier the husband and the wife were reconciled, every day becomes nevynosimy.

Rare sexual contacts become a serious harbinger of the coming family crisis. Of course, comparison should be done with the recent period of time. However this sign is present not always.

Integrally the sexual inclination to other people, but not to the spouse is connected with previous. The husband and the wife try to be at home as little as possible time because do not want to solve the accumulated problems and try not to notice them at all.

Dangerous periods

According to psychologists, each married couple is obliged to endure four crises in the relations. The first test, statistically, overtakes spouses after a year of family life, so-called crisis of grinding in. It is connected with natural disappointments. The rose and candy stage passed, and family life turned out not such sweet as it was dreamed. As a result, disappointment. However it is still supported with young optimism of vigorous married couple. As a rule, crisis of the first year is endured rather easily. A few years more, the next crisis – also overtakes three years. During this period the passions storming in the beginning are calmed down. They are succeeded by tranquility. However just after three years of joint life she begins to doubt whether she and that chose the man. In turn, and he quite often thinks whether that woman is near. At this moment of the spouse often reach divorce proceedings. The third crisis has no clear temporary boundary because it is connected with appearance of the firstborn. The first child changes family life irrevocably. Family crisis during this period is connected with experiences of the man on the fact that the woman anyway, but moves away from it. It is natural that young mother gives the most part of time to the been born child. At such moment it is important to spouses to reach compromise and support in each other. If spouses endured these three family crises, then probability is high that their family will become smooth water for several years. The most serious crisis psychologists advise to expect after seven-ten years of marriage life. Anyway, it is necessary to remember that any crisis can quite be worried if there are a mutual understanding and mutual respect to each other.

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