What is inadmissible in communication with other floor

What is inadmissible in communication with other floor

Wishing to be pleasant to the representative of an opposite sex, it is necessary to remember existence of certain taboos in communication which violation can cause adverse effects for the further relations.

What is inadmissible in communication with the girl

Wishing to be pleasant to the girl, the young man has to remember always that their own appearance is of great importance for most of women. From as far as the girl likes the appearance, her self-assessment and mood depend. For this reason it is impossible to make comments on a figure, a make-up, a hairstyle, clothes and to that similar at all. The girl can pretend that she turned to similar causticity a deaf ear, but, be sure, at this moment for it it is very unpleasant and offensive. Also it will not be pleasant to the girl if you begin to compare her to others, especially if this comparison is obvious not in her advantage.

Always it is necessary to remember: a woman falls in love through her ears. Any normal girl will not like a mat, platitudes and roughness. You want to be pleasant to the girl – choose expressions. Telling about the life, it is not necessary to inform the girlfriend as you dashingly beat off the company of drunk guys or left from the pursuing police squad. Trying to seem courageous and fearless, you will make an impression of the unreliable hooligan. You should not extol also yourself and to embellish the advantages, boasting does not paint the man.

What is inadmissible in communication with men

Times when girls do not have intimate relations prior to the wedding, passed long ago. Modern girls till a marriage can have several partners, and for it nobody reproaches them. However at the subconscious level of the man very jealously treat the past of the darling. For this reason taboos in communication with men are the former partners. Never disclose details of the last intimate life even if the guy himself asks you about it. And especially it is impossible to compare the man to the former boyfriends, especially as for a bed at all. Do not tell anything bad or compromising about the girlfriends. If you enter the relations with this young man, he will oppose for certain your communication with this girl. Remember that for many young people the financial question is rather painful therefore any criticism concerning small salary or the cheap car can wound so strongly male vanity that the relations will simply come to naught. Also many men do not love when women earn more them or hold higher positions therefore, seeking to seem successful and independent, do not go too far. To be pleasant to the guy, the girl has to behave is womanly: the mat and any other strong expressions strongly push away. For the same reason on the first appointments it is better to refuse alcohol intake even if the man insists.

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