What is love and as to understand it?

What is love and as to understand it?

Communication of people is painted by various emotions and feelings. The largest number of questions is raised by love. Today in article it will be a question of definition and symptoms of feeling, its difference from love.

What is love: definition

Love is a set of positively painted emotions, strong inclination to other person, the need to see, communicate constantly, persuasive fixing on object of desire, according to psychologists is to some extent a disease.

Object of attention is allocated only with merits, often are attributed to it unusual in reality of trait of character or appearance. The lover has not only a Platonic feeling, but also the need for physical proximity.

Love can be shown as intensity of emotions or emotions, and can calm down for a while during removal of an object of passion. Usually the feeling has high degree, quickly passing from a hobby phase to disappointment. When strong hobby passes into love - it is more likely an exception, than regularity.

Whether you know? Thanks to dopamine hormone emission in blood, the person in love feels the same euphoria, as at the cocaine use.

Symptoms and signs of love

Shipped in suddenly arisen feeling of people will prove both emotionally, and physically.

Infinite feeling of joy

Usually in an initial stage an object is plunged into euphoria, on his face the smile constantly wanders. Depending on a habit to self-express, it can sing something to itself(himself) under a nose, draw, write poems, hop.

He or she are filled with benevolence, desire to share the emotions with the whole world, especially if the subject of passion shows favor. At work such person unexpectedly for colleagues can offer the help, not respond to someone's causticity, not notice subordinated error.

Need for dreams

The unsatisfied need for attention or communication with a subject of the passion pours out in dreams about it. At the subconscious level desirable actions are projected, the image, most often idealized is formed.

These dreams usually at all have the general signs:

  • specifics — all details of an image, circumstances of a possible meeting register in dreams;
  • positive direction of development of expected events;
  • emotional lift;
  • the confidence in implementation which is not supported, however, with concrete solutions.

Value of every minute of communication

The condition of love forces the man or the woman to look for meetings with the beloved/beloved: to go to the same gym, as the chosen object, to visit coffee shop, to run in the mornings in the same park, i.e. to look for any common ground even to the detriment of the interests.

Important! Sometimes the attention of the keen person becomes too persuasive that leads to rejection from object of hobby.

At a meeting the look and attention will be always directed towards the beloved, the maximum of efforts to spend much time alone will be made. In personal contact the person in love will emphasize the need in his / her attention, to speak about the feelings, to take care.

Constant thoughts of the person

The enthusiasm for love experiences does not allow the person to concentrate, all thoughts are occupied by a hobby subject. There is painful desire to touch, see, kiss, press to itself. Focus on an object of the desires forces to rush to phone or a door on a call, to check existence of SMS messages in memory of phone or e-mail.

The person becomes vulnerable

Both guys, and at girls in this state, have changes in an organism: the splash in hormones, in particular, of dopamine and adrenaline is fixed.

It cannot but affect physical and psychological state:

  • there are notions of compulsion;
  • concentration of attention is lost;
  • the person becomes absent-minded;
  • there are problems with a dream;
  • jumps of pressure and warm rhythm are possible.

In such state the people are vulnerable, can make rash, even dangerous to themselves and surrounding acts.

Important! The started cases, especially when feelings are meek, capable to end with a depression, neurosis or hysteria.

How many love lasts

There are amorous persons who constantly stay in this state. It is as natural to them how to breathe, without strong emotions they just do not think of the life. And there are people phlegmatic for which explosion of passions or intensity of emotions are not peculiar at all therefore it is not too correct to speak about any terms as each case, as well as character, strictly individual. Psychologists consider that the feelings based on passion last no more than 3 years.

Let's consider two possible options:

  1. The first love of the girl. She drew to herself an ideal image, having allocated the guy with traits of character not inherent in it: courage, strength of mind, readiness to rush a breast on an embrasure. However having noticed an obvious trusovatost and inability to be responsible for the acts, she will be disappointed in the elect literally in a week of acquaintance.
  2. Mutual feelings at mature couple last 1-1.5 years. The issue of cohabitation ripened and was resolved. Suddenly it becomes clear that the woman is irritated by a habit of the man to leave clothes on a chair, but not on a hanger in a case, and he is enraged by her desire in all it to teach and to direct, ban meetings with friends. Even does not think of steam compromise, everyone pulls a blanket on itself(himself). As a result people disperse.

What the love differs from love in

Often in a condition of euphoria the people take one for another, however, if to analyze both feelings, then the difference is obvious.

Feeling depth

Depth of feelings is measured by time. Hobby is flash, all-consuming, quickly gaining steam. However also quickly it collapses about life. The unavailability is shown to care about each other, to pay all the attention to one person. Others habits or hobbies begin to irritate, disturb. Such feelings are superficial.

The loving people are not frightened by any routine duties. They close eyes to some features, are reconciled with habits, respect opinion of each other. The loving person is initially ready that the second half is not ideal therefore the love is a long and strong feeling.

We advise to esteem as the man in love behaves.

Manifestation form

Love is carried by more emotional coloring, its basis — passion, physical inclination, desire to possess an object of passion is undivided, a condition of constant euphoria and enthusiasm.

Lyubov is quieter and judicious. In love the people learn to accept each other, to talk, get used. The loving people try to develop together the relations, moving to the better level of development. They together plan the future, consciously and after careful consideration.

It is disinterested to give ability

The person who loves will direct all the aspirations to that to darling it was comfortable. He will be patient, careful and attentive, without demanding anything in exchange. Lyubov is able to listen and hear, she is able to trust, to accept shortcomings. Lyubov is able to wait, sacrifice something, to put others priorities above the.

Love is here and now, these are type phrases: Give me, and that I will leave or I want. Usually this feeling selfish and devastating.

Councils: how to get rid of meek love

Feelings often are meek, bringing melancholy, sufferings and desire to get rid of them.

Psychologists advise to take the following steps:

  1. To avoid meetings and other contacts with a passion object that quicker to forget it.
  2. If it is not possible (work, the neighbourhood or study), it is necessary to look for shortcomings of the adored object and to focus on them.
  3. Not to sit within four walls, cultivating in itself an inferiority complex.
  4. To meet more often friends, avoiding the general.
  5. To take care of the own life: self-improvement distracts from evil thoughts.
  6. To splash out emotions through sport, the best option — boxing pear.

Whether you know? Psychologists not for nothing recommend to play sports after parting with darling. Physical activity reduces the level of dopamine and, respectively, eliminates depression.

The love relations can be different. To distinguish a condition of passionate enthusiasm and true love it is necessary to be able not to feel disappointment neither in an object of the attention, nor in itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team