What is meant by tender nicknames

What is meant by tender nicknames

Very often in the love union the partners do not call each other by name, and think out tender nicknames, without thinking of sounding and values of these words. Nicknames for darlings are chosen at the subconscious level, reflecting at the same time deep feelings and experiences.

The child – your partner first of all thinks of sexual satisfaction of the requirements. He is specific and is not inclined nothing to complicate. In a bed such person likes to experiment, have fun and have a good time. Unfortunately, such persons are not capable of the serious relations.

Baby – Such person is able to look after, but is not interested in your real feelings. Calling you so, the partner actively calls you on contact with sexual intentions.

Darling, hare – the Partner wishes to play with you, is inclined to passion. And at heart very much is jealous and fixedly watches you.

Darling, darling – tenderness, care and caress is necessary for your partner. Such person is inclined to sensual search and is ready to act resolutely and energetically.

Pussycat, kysya - the Partner is ready for close contact and, most likely, does not want to complicate a situation. Such person has very gentle nature and he can be operated with ease.

Paw, lapulya – the Partner is very active, ready to work and live for the sake of you.

Gold, sweetheart – At such person reason prevails over feelings, but at the same time the partner emphasizes all importance of your relations.

The tiger cub – the Partner is ready to the equal union, is respectful to your independence.

The mouse, little mouse – the Partner has strong feelings and big affection for you. Very often is violent.

Darling, expensive – the Person, first of all, appreciates definiteness and confidence in the relations. As a rule, such person has feelings on the second place.

The darling, darling – your partner does not love intrigues and gossips, very much appreciates you and your relations. Tries not to quarrel and not to swear at you since feelings prevail over reason.

The nitwit – It is ready to forgive you any oversight. Such partner is vigorous and ready to take a situation under the control.

The hedgehog, hedgehoglet – the Person got used to give to your relations the special importance. The partner is violent, but very much is afraid to lose you.

The goat, nanny-goat – the Partner feels with you full proximity and indissoluble communication. You are for it a native person whom he wishes to tease.

Small, small – the Partner is ready surely, values feelings and is ready to be attentive and careful.

Sweet, sweet – the Personality consciously emphasizes the emotionality. At the same time he is balanced and quiet.

Sun, sun – Your partner shows in you tenderness and a keen interest. Appreciates the relations and is afraid to lose you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team