What is Platonic love?

What is Platonic love?

The Platonic love is sung by many poets and prose writers. Often it induces the creative person on action - creation of pictures, verses, statues, writing of novels, etc. The Platonic love is a muse who forces life to shine new paints.

What is Platonic love

Platonic love, perhaps, the most sublime of all types of feelings. In it the beloved is represented inaccessible top, the inhabitant of heaven. Everything becomes to please him. And it is not just care, and practically service to an ideal. Ardent young men and keen creative people are subject to such love. They choose to themselves an object, without paying attention that there are no reciprocal feelings. It is not important as well age, and physical data of the partner. The main thing - emotions which arise at the person at the sight of it. They also feed Platonic love. It can last long, even when it is not mutual at all. Yes this feeling also does not demand reciprocity. For the lover important that did not forbid him though sometimes to see a love object, to talk to him or just to look.

The term "Platonic love" the character Pavzany from Platon's composition for the first time used "Feast". Pavzany meant the "ideal", deprived impurity of physical feeling, love by it.

Very often moral masochists are inclined to not mutual Platonic love. They derive pleasure that an object of love does not pay attention to them, and often and completely stops attempts to rapprochement. Adherents of such love understand that the physical proximity is impossible, but all the same blindly worship the idol. And if in time not to stop this state, then the person can remain for the rest of life is lonely.

Objects of Platonic love in the modern world often have feeling of confusion and awkwardness before so ennobled to them to the relations. And often avoid these spiritual manifestations.

The Platonic love - whether is possible reciprocity

If the man and the woman are pleasant each other, then sooner or later they will appear in a bed. And it is normal as reproduction - a natural consequence of mutual love. But in case the sexual relations are absent, and warm feelings and mutual respect between partners remain, it is possible to speak rather about firm friendship. Just in a certain period two persons of an opposite sex understood that they are morally close, to them well with each other, they want to communicate. And nobody forbids them to do it. However it is necessary to understand that sooner or later these two will meet real "soulmates" with whom will be great not only to be on friendly terms, but also to be in a bed. And then it is necessary to leave the partner in Platonic love.

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