What is rules of good form – as it is correct to behave at a table, on a visit, at work and public places

What is rules of good form – as it is correct to behave at a table, on a visit, at work and public places

Each person needs to know what is rules of good form as they not only characterize the person, but also do it better in the opinion of people around. It is always an indicator of development, education and culture and also elementary level of behavior in society.

What means rules of good form?

In the modern world often neglect the principles of etiquette, however they are often capable to make the first impression about the person, to show his level of culture, education and education therefore all people need to remember standards of good form. Understand set of the certain installations directed to maintenance of idea of society of the appropriate manners as rules of conduct. Quite recently ethics was not just a basis of any education, and even a separate subject at schools.

Standards of good form

For bigger understanding of how to behave in society, it is important to consider certain rules of etiquette which everything need to observe, irrespective of a sex, age and a social status.

  1. One of important bases of good form is the ability of listening of the interlocutor. It is not accepted to tell much about himself, especially at the first meeting with the person. It is necessary to give him the chance to tell of the life.
  2. One more rule concerns payment for rest in institutions. For example, if one person invites another in restaurant, then has to pay the first. If it is told simple: Let's go we will drink coffee, everyone pays the order independently.
  3. Guests in the house need to pay attention in equal shares, without concentrating on someone one.
  4. It is not accepted to discuss in public places and with unfamiliar people finance, policy and the state of health. These subjects have to become a taboo.

Rules of good form for men

When the man follows rules of etiquette, it characterizes it as gentleman at once. Ladies by all means will estimate similar manifestations. The basic rules of etiquette for men consist in the following:

  1. During walks down the street the gentleman has to be to the left of the lady.
  2. If the girl stumbled, it is necessary to support her for an elbow.
  3. In the presence of the lady the man has to ask permissions to light, but not to do it without the permission.
  4. On an entrance and an exit it is necessary to open a door before the woman and to hold until until it passes forward.
  5. Indoors the man helps to take off to the woman outerwear.
  6. By rules of etiquette the men should not sit in public transport or institutions if ladies stand.
  7. The well-mannered man will always help to inform the woman of heavy bags.
  8. It does not befit to be late for an appointment or any other meeting with the woman.

Rules of good form for women

Modern girls often began to forget about etiquette that is inadmissible for real ladies.

  1. Her appearance has to become the first rule for each girl. It is worth remembering that clothes do not make the man therefore special attention needs to be paid to accuracy and an ukhozhennost. Rules of good form for girls mean always existence of clean hair, not soiled and ironed clothes and not striking make-up. All this is obligatory for those ladies who seek to make a good impression.
  2. What is rules of good form in respect of appearance? Many women often confuse day meykap with evening. The main rule – emphasis either on lips, or on eyes, but in any way not on everything at once. If the girl is published with the man, it is desirable to discuss style both in advance and to try to be in harmony as much as possible with each other.
  3. Bad manners also the excessive smell of perfume is considered.
  4. In addition it is necessary to monitor the speech and the culture of communication always. Ladies will never dare to sort out the relations in public, to laugh loudly, talking to the interlocutor personally or by phone.

Rules of good form for children

It is necessary to impart to the child good manners at early age, so, the child will remember better and will understand what is rules of good form and will truly behave in society.

  1. Small children it is necessary to accustom to tell the words thanks and please.
  2. Since the childhood the child has to acquire that tidy appearance and hygiene – daily need.
  3. Before food it is necessary to wash up hands, and during meal it is impossible to talk.
  4. Rules of good form for teenagers especially do not differ from fundamentals of etiquette for children and adults. It is necessary to monitor the speech and to help seniors.

Rules of good form for every day

Daily we are in society and therefore have to respect certain standards of behavior and remember what is rules of good form which are sign of respect for people around and first of all, to themselves. They consist in simple installations:

  1. You should not discuss policy, religion and health in public places.
  2. It is impossible to drink drinks on streets, it is necessary to do it in specially allotted institutions.
  3. The well-mannered person will never give in on provocation of other people. Not to react – the best way to suppress instigation, having shown mind and consistency.
  4. Rules of good form in society say that it is impossible to point a finger on the street, discussing someone.
  5. As for carrying bags, by rules of etiquette, it is recommended to hold it on the left shoulder or in a hand as the right side is considered more working, an exception – lefthanders.

Rules of good form at work

Office employees have to adhere to the working etiquette providing simple standards of behavior which characterize the worker only in a good key.

  1. Greeting of other workers of the company at an entrance for work.
  2. Accurate and reserved appearance, observance of a dress code (if it is).
  3. Differentiation of private life and work – you should not speak by phone, trying to sort out the relations with house, it is for this purpose better to use a break or to leave at least in a corridor.
  4. Not to do at all everything that can distract colleagues.
  5. Gossips in a workplace are a taboo, rules of business etiquette so say.
  6. It is important to observe subordination at office.
  7. If the person holds a senior position, then he has to address the subordinates only on you.

Rules of good form in public places

In everyday life the people visit a set of public institutions, move down the street, go in city transport and so on. Always to feel confident and to give an inconvenience to other people, it is necessary to put into practice rules of etiquette and good manners.

  1. If the person accidentally touched someone or pushed, it is necessary to apologize.
  2. It is loud to speak by phone, to especially discuss personal problems in public places is sign of lack of culture.
  3. It is necessary to observe purity on streets, so, if nearby there is no ballot box, the garbage needs to be taken away with itself.

Rules of good form at restaurant

In institutions of public catering it is necessary to behave according to the existing rules:

  1. Being going to restaurant, it is necessary to consider an institution dress code.
  2. If visit is planned with the satellite, then at the table the man removes a chair that the woman could sit down and only then sits down.
  3. As the first the woman has to choose dishes from the menu – rules of etiquette at restaurant are that.
  4. Choosing wine, it is possible to ask the recommendation of the waiter.
  5. It is necessary to agree about the one who pays the bill in advance, but not to argue on it at the waiter.
  6. In general it is necessary to adhere to culture of behavior: is accurately, not to talk, without having chewed food, not to laugh loudly, not to sort out the relations at a table, not to call the waiter loudly clicking fingers and so on.

Rules of good form at a table

Rules of etiquette at a table are not so difficult performed by, however will allow to put a good impression about the person. If you gather on a visit or in a public institution where pastime at a table is supposed, it is worth remembering some standards of behavior:

  1. It is impossible to talk to a full mouth.
  2. To try to keep step through all table and other guests with a dish it is not allowed – it is necessary to ask to serve food of the one who is to it closer.
  3. It is necessary to use napkins.
  4. It is necessary to understand what device for what is intended and to be able to use it (the main rule – a knife in the right hand, a fork in left).

Rules of good form in theater

That in similar cultural institutions not to stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to consider fundamentals of etiquette:

  1. It is worth appearing in theater in 20 min. prior to representation. This time will be enough slowly to take off outerwear, to find the places and to occupy them. It is possible to study arrangement of entrances, exits, buffet and bathroom, without spending for it additional minutes during an interval.
  2. To get to the places, it is necessary to ask politely: Allow to pass, and to move ahead to sitting the person, and to a scene – a back.
  3. The basic rules of etiquette in theater provide respect for silence, shutdown of mobile phones for the period of the performance.
  4. The check from wardrobe can be put in a ladies' handbag.

Rules of good form on a visit

Gathering on a visit, it is necessary to remember rules of good form in communication and to respect the rules of cultural behavior.

  1. You should not be late even if a simple tea drinking invitation.
  2. To come on a visit empty-handed – bad manners.
  3. Before sitting down at a table, it is necessary to ask politely where it is possible to wash hands.
  4. If the place at a table to each guest is not defined by owners, invited take seats as it is convenient to them.
  5. At a meeting of the unpleasant person on a visit, you should not start with him a dispute or a quarrel.
  6. It is not necessary to show the discontent with something and to rise because of a table right after a meal – ugly. It is possible to do it only for participation in an entertainment program.
  7. Leaving guests, it is necessary to thank owners for good reception. Remembering what is modern rules of good form, on a visit it is always easy to feel comfortable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team