What is the ideal relations

What is the ideal relations

The ideal relations meet, unfortunately, not really often. In order that the union of two people was strong and happy, both of them need to do a great job over themselves. Besides, also as far as the man and the woman suit one another matters.

The ideal relations differ in psychological comfort in couple. Nuances on what the union of the man and woman is under construction, can be much. The main thing that both of them accepted the atmosphere in the house. In the happy union there is a special proximity between partners. There is no nedogovorok some.

Not the fact that in successful couple there are no quarrels and the conflicts. The man and the woman can be dissatisfied with something. But unlike participants of less perfect union, they do not save in themselves offense, and at once try to sort out the relations.

Ideal the relations happen when the girl and the young man consider themselves by a single whole. They do not fight for the power in couple, do not compete in something and do not try to dominate over the partner or to impose on it own opinion on some question.

One of indispensable conditions of the ideal relations is the trust. Without it partners will not be able to be long and happily together. Thanks to the confidential atmosphere, participants of the union share much with each other and reach the level of special proximity. In couple where there is a trust, there is no place for jealousy and suspicions. And these moments spoiled the relations even between the loving people more than once. Groundless charges and aspiration to control the partner do life with the jealous man intolerable even for very patient and devoted person. Also ideal relations are impossible without understanding between partners. It helps to cope together with vital disorders and to accept the point of view of darling. The reached extent of understanding depends not only on as far as the man and the woman are similar the views and outlook, but also how strongly they seek to hear each other. Therefore one more component of the happy union – indefatigable interest to each other is important. Sometimes the girl and the young man actively penetrate into life of the elect or darling at the beginning of the novel, but on the expiration of a long time cease even to ask in the evening, how was your day the soulmate. It is important that participants of couple suited one another on temperament. More quiet, reserved persons easily get on both with similar, and with more emotional natures. While two very temperamental persons can meet the mass of barriers on the way to joint happiness. The ideal relations mean existence of general plans on the future at the man and the woman. It is important to them to find out whether they want from life of the same, or their ideas of what has to be the reality surrounding them in several years, strikingly differ.

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