What is the relations between the man and the woman

What is the relations between the man and the woman

The satisfaction of the sexual or material requirements became almost main reason for the fact that people enter the relations with each other recently. Cultural wealth or moral requirements gradually recede into the background.

It concerns also communication between the man and the woman who endures a metamorphosis from definition the strong union in a concept of the relation without obligations eventually.

Word meaning of relation

That the concept relations means - it is a complex of interactions between people, in particular, between the man and the woman who keep in contact among themselves and carry out joint activity. Thanks to them at allies certain systems of values, views, tastes, hobbies are created.

Relationship or uplifts partners on the highest and more perfect level, or, on the contrary, leads to destruction and degradation. And everything depends on what person is nearby. What purposes at it whether there is an aspiration to develop, be improved at the same time with whom in this proximity consists.

Whether you know? In Ancient Greece the man did to the woman proposal, having thrown it apple.

What benefit to us is brought by various relations

Conditionally the relations can be divided into such categories:

  • natural — arise owing to influence of laws of the nature. For example, to breathe, eat, be physically near someone, etc. They do not influence anything, they just exist;
  • social — concern any social rules, laws, traditions, foundations. Thanks to them people realize themselves in society, in group, collective. Interaction with family members and fellow workers, communication with friends and teachers can be an example;
  • personal — the relations of one person with another based on the experienced personal experience. Interpersonal communications concern them.

What is the relations between the man and the woman

The most common and traditional form of proximity between the man and the woman the model where the partner undertakes obligations to make decisions, responsibility, to lead, protect, sponsor, provide all necessary the darling, and that, in turn — to respect, esteem, shroud in care, to submit, be gentle and loving is considered. That is he is a getter and the head of the family, and she is a keeper of a home. Such relationship is ideal as they are put in human subconsciousness practically at the genetic level. And if to break them, there can be a dissonance of harmony which will lead to a gap between partners over time. In order that link between the man and the woman was strong, they have to have much the general (interests, tastes, preferences, friends, etc.).

Important! Not only the sexual satisfaction, and rather emotional without which at couple there can occur alienation and a distance is the key to the strong union.

Psychology of the relations of the man and woman

The reasons for which the man and the woman take up can be different. Let's consider more in details the most found:

  • intimate relations — their base are sex, physical inclination, an instinct. Partners enter proximity, listening to the body and its requirements. Here to occur very strong exchange of energy filling with happiness both. The impetuous passion, experience of emotions on the verge, strong sexual inclination which constantly push the man and the woman in an extreme is characteristic of such relations: from strong love to strong hatred. But if to develop this communication in the right direction, then it can last long enough and end with the strong union;
  • the warm relations — are characterized by sincere relationship of partners who seek to remain independent. They build fortress, without letting in none of strangers there. A basis of such relations are the trust, respect, love and attachment. But if personal independence to break, not to go on compromises, then can arise offense and misunderstanding;
  • the relations for the sake of material benefits — are under construction that one of partners, having sufficient financial stability and reliability, uses services of another which compensates the comfort given it by the qualities (beauty, sexuality, etc.). This union can be rather strong because each of allies keeps at a distance, and it quite suits them;
  • the self-interested relations — the elementary thrift is their cornerstone. The man and the woman look for in such proximity of benefit only for themselves, without thinking of the partner and his desires. Here cold calculation works. If such model of the relations suits both, then problems will not arise, and the union will be long;
  • the friendly relations — arise only in that a case if between the man and the woman there are no romantic feelings, or after the short affair which terminated by agreement. Allies behave absolutely sincerely, naturally, openly, respecting personal space and independence of each other. There is no best main and minor, strong and weak, and the worst. Such communication can be interrupted in couples emergence at one of partners of romantic feelings to another.

Whether you know? In medicine there is such concept as a syndrome of the broken heart which is followed by physical pains in heart owing to loss of darling or his treachery.

The relations without obligations — whether are necessary they

In the modern world more often communications between the man and the woman lose the gravity and stability. The aspiration to derive momentary pleasure is the reason for that. To solve for itself their need, it is necessary to understand what the sense and what pluses or minuses consists in they bear. It is possible to carry to pluses:

  • a variety in sexual life — one of the main reasons for which people agree to the free relations is that itself can bring some other partners on sex;
  • the freedom of action — allows to do everything that you will want, without reproaches, claims and offenses;
  • the lack of jealousy and mistrust — involves that in couple the conflicts, quarrels and offenses because of absence at that good reasons disappear.

Important! Agreeing to free relationship, it is necessary to think well of consequences and of whether the specific person will be able to live by such rules.

Besides advantage of the free relations, exists as well the done harm, namely:

  • darling has sex with another or with another — to realize it and it is in practice heavier to accept, than in words that very much prevents communication without obligations;
  • the fear to lose darling — arises because one partner can leave another at any time if someone was pleasant to it more;
  • that people will tell — plays an important role in creation of proximity as the opinion of people around significantly affects behavior of the man or woman.

What have to be relationship between the man and the woman is the choice individual. The most important, it is necessary to consider the interests, views and the principles through which it is better not to cross not to break to themselves life in the future. And it is desirable to discuss all important steps together with the second half and to make decisions together.

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