What is to the aua in a youth slang?

What is to the aua in a youth slang?

A large number of slangy words has communication with prison prisoners and very few people know their real value. For example, many people do not represent that such AUE, and to it there is quite normal explanation as this word appeared in places of confinement where there is the unique language which nobody should not understand.

What does AUE mean?

These three letters are an acronym under which one of the principles of prison life is concluded – prisoner way is uniform. It is used by people behind bars to greet each other. Finding out what means (interpretation) of letters AUE, it is worth specifying that historians assume that the word in Ancient Rome appeared. Then AUE used for a greeting, and it is translated from Latin as hi.

What does AUE phrase mean?

This acronym appeared at the people serving the sentence, and about its interpretation was told above, and as for value, AUE specifies that all prisoners are united by one ideology, and even a certain special thieves' religion. Sense of that such AUE, approximately such: all prisoners are equal therefore they live in the same conditions and respect the uniform prison laws. Initially it was created in order that people rallied and ceased to fight and divide the territory. On the first place all have to have a judiciousness, and then bloodthirstiness.

Still this acronym is used as a simple saying which two more words – to a fart, color, AUE enter. It is a certain wish of good luck as the word fart designates luck, and here color it is accepted to call the correct prison zone which answers concepts of criminals. When prisoners greet, using this expression, they give each other a certain sign that they treat one social network.

What does AUE cult mean?

This abbreviation got into ordinary society through youth gangs which promote a certain romanticism of underworld. It is deciphered as well as at prison prisoners. Finding out that such AUE and who such AUEshniki, it is worth specifying that this new youth subculture very quickly extended over the country, taking root into schools, boarding schools and technical training college. The main contingent – children from 10 to 17 years. Guys from the unsuccessful environment unite in certain companies which adhere to criminal concepts, at the same time many of them never were in prison.

Describing that such AUE, we will notice that the new subculture promotes a cult of force, theft and laziness. Already tell law enforcement agencies as there are more and more crimes about these gangs, is related to AUE. There are even schools at which members of such groups raise money from the schoolmates. It is called gref on a zone as money is transferred to young guys who serve sentence in prisons.

AUE – what does it mean at youth?

At modern youth it is fashionable to use different slangy words, and not each teenager, telling this acronym, knows how it is deciphered. If interests that AUE in youth style means, it is worth specifying that the word lost the primordial meaning for a long time, and apply it to gangsters and pseudo gangsters. Often it is told to deride someone or to designate criminal group. In not criminal world the word AUE is used to specify, on normal people who are not fixated on something and have no sharp negative qualities.

What does inscription AUE mean?

These letters can be seen not only on social networks, but also on walls, fences, and even on numbers of cars. Among the people concerning crime, such letters indicate that the person is a code-bound criminal. Describing that AUE by car means, it is worth specifying that if to install such numbers on the ordinary car, then there can be problems with criminals who can show about it. Besides, there are certificates that cars with such inscription were attacked from people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team