What is useful for an erection

What is useful for an erection

Almost each man at least once in life faces erection problems. Different troubles - a stress, fatigue, diseases can be the reason for that. But it is possible to cope with the come dysfunction and without the assistance of doctors.

Seafood - the best aphrodisiac

Oysters, squids, mussels and scallops traditionally are parts of all dishes for a romantic dinner. The fact is that seafood is the natural aphrodisiac strengthening desire and improving an erection. They contain a set of nonsaturated fatty acids and minerals which properly lift a libido. Besides, even the plentiful seafood table does not leave weight in a stomach, and it is so important for continuation of romantic evening.

Protein - it is useful for erectile function

Many men adore proteinaceous products - meat, eggs, milk. And it is correct, animal protein is very useful to potency. Protein promotes production of testosterone, men's hormone which is directly connected with sexual functions. And eggs contain vitamins A, E and B6 which also promote emergence of sexual desire. From dairy products it is the best of all to use curdled milk, kefir and cottage cheese.

The diet has to be various - you should not abuse one meat too.

Meditation - rescue from a stress

Often the potency vanishes because of abundance of stresses. Men often bear huge loadings - work at a senior position, direct projects, provide family, help the women to solve problems. Stresses and fatigue can cause frustration in the sexual sphere. Small meditation under slow music will help to relax and calm down. It is sometimes rather simple to lie down, listen to classical music, a ringing of the Chinese hand bells or noise of falls, to imagine the fragrant wood or the rough river where all your problems disappear. Also small foot walks in the park or at least just around the house are useful. Except a pacification, they will also accelerate blood circulation, having saved from stagnation of blood in a small pelvis.

Also the lack of a dream can affect an erection. Try to get enough sleep enough and qualitatively, without waking up at night and without using sleeping pill.

Sport - the best medicine

The sport promotes production of testosterone, men's hormone. The strength sport - bodybuilding, powerlifting and also different types of single combats is most productive in this regard. Sports activities also raise a self-assessment, add energy and allow to splash out the negative which collected in a day. And still physical exercises accelerate a metabolism and are useful to blood circulation that is directly connected with the erection mechanism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team