What is virtual love?

What is virtual love?

At high rates of life and universal computerization the real-life communication is quite often replaced with virtual. On the Internet you will surprise with acquaintances or friendship nobody any more.

From article you learn that is represented by virtual love and whether it can become real, what features, advantages and shortcomings of the similar relations.

What is virtual love?

Communication in networks allows to appear before other party in the best image, takes place more easily and simply, than in reality. There is no embarrassment, fear or complexes therefore such communication is popular with teenagers and timid, not self-assured people. Sometimes it is the only outlet for people with physical defects.

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The person in virtual space can represent the prince charming (or the princess), and can not put on a mask and be oneself. However and in the latter case embellishes himself a little, desire to look better is inherent in all.

Similar communication saves time to busy persons. Marriage agencies paid attention to possibilities of Internet communication long ago. Search of half in network becomes the ordinary phenomenon, open spaces of the Internet allow to communicate to various people. Frequent mature people who consider are engaged in search and an institution of the virtual relations that they do not suit them to get acquainted in cafe or on dance pavilions. The age of fans of Internet communication fluctuates from 12 to 60 years, but mainly it is young people and teenagers.

Whether you know? The research of 400 acquaintances on the Internet which showed that men and women look for there not the sexual partner, but adherents is conducted.

At correspondence on the Internet sometimes there is a virtual love. In such relations about the partner judge by the picture on the screen of the monitor and to communication in chats.

Virtual love — imagined

The virtual love exists only in imagination. Not the fact that the person with whom it is pleasant to communicate in a chat, will cause the same feelings at a personal meeting. At virtual communication the people often create to themselves qualities what do not possess as want to look better, than actually. The real communication and feelings to the real personality are replaced with virtual. The imagination draws and puts an idealized image which causes feelings. The love for a virtual image can become the dependence close to alcoholic or drug addiction. In virtual reality there are ideal relations and mutual understanding, minuses and shortcomings, and imagination quite often itself are not visible finishes drawing what is wanted. If the computer for any reason becomes inaccessible, the person tests real moral withdrawal pains owing to lack of such desired virtual communication.

Important! At Internet communication it is possible to recognize the person only for 3%, and at a meeting confidentially — for 70%.

Advantages and shortcomings of such love

Similar communication has pluses and minuses. Let's dwell upon them.


Undoubted advantages of the relations on the Internet:

  1. It is not necessary to go to club, the park or on any action to get acquainted.
  2. Nobody will become pregnant, will catch a venereal disease, will fall the victim of violence.
  3. It is possible to sit at the monitor without hairstyle, a make-up and manicure, in an old dressing gown and to read compliments.
  4. The man can represent from himself the successful businessman or macho, and the woman — Marylin Monro. However, in reality it is in that case better not to dream of a meeting. She will disappoint all, but such game online can be fascinating.
  5. Wide choice. In reality it is hardly possible to manage to communicate for a short time to a large number of people, it is frequent from the different cities and the countries.
  6. It is not necessary to go, make toilet anywhere, to be spent for journey, flowers, tickets to cinema, to pay bills in cafe.
  7. An opportunity to hold back or hide information on itself.
  8. Always there is time to well think over the answer and not to tell nonsense as it sometimes happens at a real conversation.
  9. Such practice of communication sometimes helps introverts, it is heavy to them to communicate with people directly and it is easier to write.
  10. Wirth gives emotions and communication to lonely people. They feel demanded and interesting to other people.
  11. Speed of acquaintance. Are brought to realities of the relation not so quickly and simply, and in a couple of minutes it is possible to find the interesting communication type in the Internet.
  12. Efficiency of primary selection. On many dating sites at first fill out the questionnaire with the parameters and intentions. Those who definitely do not approach can be excluded at once.
  13. Unpleasant communication can be interrupted immediately.
  14. Probability to really find half in the Internet.

Important! By search of half by means of the Internet do not tighten a meeting in reality. In several weeks of communication in chats your imagination will create a replacement image, and you will be keen not on the real person.


At virtual hobby it is necessary to consider the following negative sides:

  1. The subject of hobby can be at all not that for whom gave itself. Cases of use edited by means of the photoshop or 20-year a photo, a lie about marital status, income, appearance and other information on themselves are frequent.
  2. Now there is such term as the virtual mistress. The man living at distance from an object with which creates the virtual novel is represented the successful businessman and ego-trips at the expense of the girl though he has modest income and appearance, and in general can be married. The girl dreams of bright future with such man and in vain wastes time — their meeting will never take place.
  3. At virtual hobby it is possible to lose for years an opportunity to get acquainted with the real people and to start a family. And the period for creation of family and the birth of children is not infinite.
  4. It is possible to become dependent on virtual communication and to cease to pay attention to reality. The person begins to spend all free time at the computer, without paying attention to close people. In the USA there are stains now because of a cyberadultery when people for hours cannot come off a chat with the person of an opposite sex, without paying attention to the spouse or children at all.
  5. At a real meeting it is possible to be disappointed in the partner as people often try to look better, than is actually. To all other in the head the imagined ideal to which the real personality it is far is difficult.
  6. At the real acquaintance all relations practically should be built from scratch.
  7. Not always there is an opportunity to meet in reality because of distances.
  8. In the course of long online communication there is an unreasonable trust to the stranger, and there is a probability to get acquainted with the speculator or mentally sick person.

Important! About 20% of users of dating sites — people with unstable mentality. At communication for the serious relations try to collect as much as possible data and when you go on the first date about the person, leave information on it at the family and acquaintances.

How to forget virtual love?

To such type of love people dependent have tendency. The self-sufficient personality will not spend much time on the Internet and to be obsessed with online communication. Will not miss alone and if there is desire to communicate, will not substitute real communication virtual. Quite often there are young girls who had feelings to virtual boyfriends — difficultly to resist beautiful speeches of the admirer. Active correspondence with admirer begins. Teenagers are inclined to such communication, on the Internet nobody sees you, and it is possible to create any image, it is not terrible to make a declaration of love.

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Emotions from the developed relationship on the Internet same, as well as from real — grief, splashes in jealousy, tenderness, a gap and reconciliation. Such feelings can seem more perfect, than real as at them mutual understanding which does not get in the existing reality can be established. Shortcomings which would be quickly noticed in reality are not visible, and it is a lot of opportunities to think up desirable lines.

Constant communication on the Internet is a certain dependence which it is hard to refuse. To forget virtual love, before it is necessary to realize that any too personal relations on a scope of the Internet are a game, the created image, an imagination fruit no more. It is necessary to think — whether not too you spend at the computer much time, communicating with the one who was never seen and that of the personality it is known actually. If you communicate in the virtual not one month, and even year, then, have feelings to a fruit of the imagination rather. The true love is impossible without real contact, and you spend time for dreams, substituting for them reality.

Whether you know? At real acquaintance to the man the woman of 55% of impressions about it bases on external data and language of a body, 38% — on intonations and manners, and the fact that he speaks, makes only 7%. At online acquaintance all in a different way.

Psychologists recommend if you want to construct the relations with the pleasant interlocutor, it is necessary to pass to meetings into realities. The real appointment will show as far as your ideas of the person are true. If they are far too removed from expectations, it will be simpler to return to reality and also to try to find half in the real world and to construct the relations. If your elect (darling) at a personal meeting, seemed is nice and interesting, continue further the real appointments, happy marriages on acquaintance on the Internet exist, and there is a lot of them. The virtual love is far-fetched if does not remain supported with real meetings and the relations. At communication online within several weeks the imagination creates a virtual image which is not always true.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team