What it is necessary to make that you ceased to be loved

What it is necessary to make that you ceased to be loved

Admirers meekly in love can give an inconvenience. Then the girl suffers pangs of conscience, sympathy, is frequent - irritation. If its feelings already begin to disturb seriously, so time to force the guy to stop loving itself and to get rid of his persuasive attention came.

If you did not meet it

The non-reciprocal love can be very strong and for years will just keep on your politeness and pity. Therefore first of all it is necessary to cease to feel sorry for this person and not to give false hope for the possible future. Avoid phrases which he can regard as chance. For example, if you say that now you meet other guy and therefore you cannot be with him, the admirer will patiently wait for your quarrel. It can sometimes begin to provoke a quarrel to accelerate parting.

Avoid any meetings and communication with this person. Remove from friends and add to the black list on social networks. Do not answer calls and ignore SMS messages. If you see it on the street, be developed and go back or you avoid it. Throw out flowers and gifts, it is possible to leave in sight that he obviously saw your refusal on its feelings. Disappear from it at least one or two months and, perhaps, during this time he will stop loving you.

Talk to it. Directly tell that you have to it no feelings and will not be able to fall in love with it. Let know that it not in your taste and anything it is impossible to make to be pleasant. The bitter truth can sometimes make sober the person and help to stop loving. Try to acquaint him with your girlfriend. Tell about its advantages and suggest them to walk. If the girl is able to fascinate him, you will get rid of the headache, and they will be able to become happy.

If you meet or met it

It will be a little more difficult to force to stop loving you that whom you meet or met earlier. Its feelings can be deeper, they are based not on appearance and superficial judgments. But also you know it much better and can influence him. Most likely, he mentioned in your talk that he is pleasant to him in you. Use this information and become contrast of its ideal. If it liked your light curls, be recoloured in black color and straighten hair. Adores your humour – stop to joke and do not laugh at anything. Loves as you prepare – do not touch in a plate. Find out that it does not take out in girls, and impart to yourself for a while such habits. For example, if he does not love cold women, stop to be interested in him and do not show tenderness in any way. Begin to saw him, to be jealous, organize quarrels from scratch. Refuse sex because of feeling sick. If you cannot live more with this man, and he does not release you because of the love, it is possible to take cardinal measures. It is necessary to summon in him disgust in any way. For example, it is possible to cause at it vomiting or to obmochitsya.

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