What it is possible to ask the girl in the letter on

What it is possible to ask the girl in the letter on

Correspondence between two people is something intimate. Thanks to the words told each other on paper it is possible to understand not only thoughts of the person, but also his feeling, emotions, character.

Correspondence with the person whom you know quite recently

If you communicate with the girl not too long ago and use at the same time letters, you can ask her the following questions. Ask what achievement in the life she considers the most important and significant. Thanks to it you will be able to have though some idea of vital values of the woman. Also you can ask that it is more important for her: last, future or real. The person who is happy present and has grandiose plans for further time for certain will be able to interest you. Take an interest about to what the girlfriend of the future husband what lines she wishes to see in him presents. Such question will reveal to you a secret about preferences of your interlocutor. You will be able to learn whether to become capable you for it an ideal and to start sometime a family if, of course, you thought that you would like to get with it the relations.

At acquaintance the people often are interested in hobbies of each other. Learn what hobby is preferred by your pen friend. Perhaps, at you the focus of interest will coincide, and you will be able to share with it the reasons about it.

Besides, in correspondence simple questions of are admissible whether the girl of animals what she sees ideal family of what relations dreams what she would like to achieve in life what movies she likes to watch to what music she likes to listen whether she loves compliments and what praises loves considers admissible, she could forgive treachery of the friend as she treats treason whether believes in friendship between the guy and the girl about what work dreams whether she will choose family or career development. Such banal questions there is great variety. However they will disclose to you character and thoughts of your interlocutor. Everything depends only on your imagination.

What questions you should not ask the girl in the letter

Except admissible questions it is possible to allocate also inadmissible. It is possible to carry subjects of sex, the last relations, other details of intimate life, questions of prosperity, weight of the woman to them. Also it is not necessary to ask the girl about any details from her life which became known to you from your mutual friends. Such inquiries can cut her to the quick or upset. Understand if the woman wants to share with you something intimate, she will bring up this subject.

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