What it is possible to surprise the girl with?

What it is possible to surprise the girl with?

In the relations it is important not to allow routines, and regular holidays, surprises and pleasant pastimes promote strengthening of feelings and relationship in general. Therefore if you thought of with what it is possible to surprise the girl – know, you on the right track, and your efforts will surely yield positive result!

What to surprise the girl in correspondence with?

Today it is quite difficult to surprise in correspondence as even successful phrases turned into an inappropriate stamp long ago. Therefore the main thing that it is worth surprising, it:

  • honesty – do not try to look better, than is, do not invent and do not embellish events;
  • responsibility – keep all these promises;
  • – be not afraid to tell openness about yourself;
  • politeness – you watch that your speech was not misunderstood;
  • literacy – it is sad, but presently already surprise with it.

Avoid stamps, ambiguous phrases, doubtful jokes – and it will be struck by what person interesting, well-mannered and pleasant in every respect before it!

How to surprise the girl of the house?

If you want suit a surprise in house conditions, then it is the best of all to address such checked ways as:

  • make for it a romantic dinner the hands;
  • suggest to play romantic forfeits;
  • present it the video from your joint pictures;
  • organize for it a photoshoot, having borrowed to the prof. the camera at acquaintances if you do not have it;
  • make by it the weakening massage (previously having learned on video lessons);
  • give it a small present – the suddenness will make the joy of it huge.

If you think of how to surprise the girl in the morning, remember good old coffee in a bed. It is a trifle which very much pleases and helps to wake up in excellent mood at once. And if you add to coffee also the light breakfast made with own hands, the girl will be delighted!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team