What it is possible to write to the girl that it was pleasant to her

What it is possible to write to the girl that it was pleasant to her

All know that girls are auditory therefore it is very pleasant to them to hear compliments and pleasant words in the address. If there is no opportunity to tell something pleasant personally, then it is possible to write it to SMS or social network.

Correctly picked up phrase will cause positive emotions and will increase interest in you.

Ways how to interest the girl

In real life, but not virtual the girl can be interested:

  1. Clothes and footwear have to be clean, tidy, correspond to a season. Under stylish clothes the well-groomed tightened body has to disappear.
  2. Nonverbal communication. The bearing, gait, gestures and a mimicry display internal state of the person. In it the woman has to see the sure, self-sufficient personality.
  3. Self-confidence. Whiners and diffident persons cause only pity in women. They do not want to see beside themselves one more weak, defenseless woman. Near them there has to be a real, strong man capable to show persistence, assertiveness, but moderately.
  4. Ability to carry on a conversation. The beautiful, competent speech, statement of interesting subjects will not leave indifferent any listener.
  5. Social status. It is one of the defining factors of the best man for any woman. Here not only the position, but also in general the place in society is important (among friends, colleagues).
  6. Prepotent behavior. The man needs to be able to be a miscellaneous, but at the same time to show that main nevertheless he.
  7. Correct positioning. Here means that the man has to show to the darling that he is better than others, and she not for nothing stopped the choice on it.
  8. They can be divided into three groups: friendly, sexual, intimate. For each of them the period of communication. It is not necessary to pass at an acquaintance stage to intimate contacts at once, it will only push away the girl. The full lack of touches will formulate in subconsciousness of the woman that this man can offer only friendship.
  9. Life has to be active, saturated that the darling did not grieve nearby.
  10. Sense of humour. The ability to make laugh the woman is nearly the most important that the man has to have. He can be dressed not on a last word in fashion or to hold not a prestigious position, but to be able amuse here has to surely.
  11. The thought of what to present to the girl often leads guys into a blind alley. They want to make an impression, but at the same time they are afraid to seem too generous, having chosen expensive gift. To make pleasant to the girl, it is not obligatory to choose expensive gift. It can be a knickknack lovely to heart. And if there is desire to surprise, then it is possible to lay out a romantic inscription on asphalt in flowers or to order a banner with its photo.

Important! The humour has to be subtle, and it should not be at all the sneer or platitude as it will only offend the lady.

What to write to the girl that it became pleasant to her

In the modern world more often guys try to win the heart of the girl through the World wide web. When you do not see the interlocutor, the appearance, a constitution, the status recedes into the background. The first what the girl in communication through social networks pays attention to, is the speech, ability to carry on a conversation and sense of humour.

For acquaintance

Having noticed floating around the Internet a page of the nice girl, at once there is desire to write to it. And the first that occurs at most of men, is banal hi.

But, if the girl beautiful, in the status of VKontakte or other social network displays that it in free search, for certain write it hundreds of men, and she was already tired of the worn-out phrases therefore before beginning communication, it is necessary to study its page attentively. Perhaps, you will find something the general (acquaintances, interests) and on this soil it will be easier to strike up a conversation. It is necessary to begin it originally.

It can be something type:

  1. Today favorable day for interesting acquaintance whether it can take place?
  2. Hello, I like this group too. Do not prompt where it is better to download their albums?
  3. Hi, my name is (your name), I consist in group (name) too therefore wanted to get acquainted.

If communication is started, then it has to take place on a positive. It is not necessary to burden the interlocutor with information. Ask her more often, and you can tell about yourself in a playful form. It will be quite good to keep up the conversation smiles, but only not to send them constantly. In stories about himself it is not necessary to blow the own trumpet.

Important! It is necessary to create an intrigue. For example, after several days of communication one day not to contact, but at the same time to explain the reason of the disappearance. It has to be weighty, like shutdown of the Internet, the help to relatives.

The interlocutor has to present your portrait. It is also necessary to show versatility of the personality, but too in an easy form. In general communication has to take place easily and easy that the interlocutor was interesting to the girl, and she wanted to communicate with it again and again.

To the girl

The message to the girlfriend has to display your feelings to it surely. That it was pleasant to it, and it thawed, it is necessary to write compliments with all the heart. In them it is necessary to emphasize those its qualities most of which of all force to tremble your heart. Also it should be noted how they influence your personality. The main thing is not to be overzealous here. If to give constantly compliments, then it will cause accustoming and an everyday occurrence, but not something pleasant will be already perceived by the woman as, unexpected.

Whether you know? The first social network was started by Americans and Classmates.com was called. Start took place in 1995, and 10 years the network had no competitors.

Here examples of pleasant SMS messages for favourite ladies:

  1. I do not represent the life without you.
  2. I am happy because you near me.
  3. You always know how to surprise me.
  4. Your smile dements me.
  5. Darling, you smartly looked today, you have a magnificent taste! It is so pleasant to me to be near you.
  6. Your smile lightens my mood to heaven.

These are only the few examples of phrases which can be used to cause pleasant emotions in darling. They can be used as templates, supplementing, changing for itself, each woman is unique.

To the girlfriend

The message to the girlfriend has to contain information that you value her friendship, to you this relationship is valuable and you are glad that near you there is such person who can support at a difficult moment, give a practical advice. Between the man and the woman seldom there is a true friendship therefore if it nevertheless developed, then it is necessary to appreciate it. Examples of messages:

  1. Thanks to you (name), you proved that the true friendship can exist. I know that I can always count on you, and you will help to find a way out of any situation.
  2. Dear girlfriend, as there is a wish that in this world there was more than such people as you.
  3. You support me when to me it is sad and heavy - it is the best gift for me from life.

What to write the girl for the night or since morning

Wishes good night or also have to be kind morning with all the heart. Here it is not necessary to invent anything supernatural. Present that you would like to read in the message before going to bed or a sutra, write to the girl. It is better not to use templates as there is a probability that someone from guys already wrote it to it.

Whether you know? In some London boutiques in fitting rooms established mirrors with the built-in cameras. And they at all not to spy upon clients. The visitor (most often the lady), trying on a dress, can take the picture and at once send the picture to favourite social network.

The template can be taken as a basis and to add by the own words, to paraphrase. If you have makings of the poet, then can write poetically pleasant wishes. If are not inclined to eloquence, it is possible just to write good night or good morning. Such hackneyed phrases it is better than silence.

Examples of messages:

  1. Good morning, expensive! Did you sleep well? I here all night long thought of us.
  2. Good morning! You have a smart look today. From where do I know? Because you always look best of all.
  3. Good morning! Today the best day to follow dreams and to achieve all objectives.
  4. A sweet smile, bright day, I hope that at you everything will turn out today! Good morning, expensive!
  5. Unfortunately, today we cannot have breakfast together. But mentally I nearby, and always think of you. Good morning, beauty!
  6. I go to bed, but heart dreams to see you! Read, smile and remember me!
  7. Close eyes quicker and fall asleep! Already I wait for you in a dream!
  8. Sweet dreams, all at us with you ahead!

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Typical mistakes: what you should not write

Men and women perceive information differently and if it seems to the first that a certain phrase sounds very attractively, then it can guard and push away the second. Here what does not need to be written women:

  1. The worn-out phrases.
  2. To be sent, speak about sex at the beginning of acquaintance.
  3. To use mats, slang phrases in the speech.
  4. To write from fake pages or to put not the photo on an avatar.
  5. To show uncertainty.
  6. To write phrases which it is possible to answer unambiguously no.
  7. To write messages with grammatical mistakes.

Beautiful, gentle words, compliments — here that it is always pleasant to girl to hear. And it is not important, with her communication or to acquaintance only began many years. Without it to the man not to win heart of the lady

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team