"What it is possible to write to the girl that to amuse her

"What it is possible to write to the girl that to amuse her

Personal contact is available to not all couples therefore at the time of high popularity of social networks, more often discussion of problems or a simple conversation comes down to correspondence.

Considering it, it will be for certain interesting to each guy how to lighten the girl the mood at distance, by SMS or in VK about what the speech will go further.

Ways how to amuse the girl

The choice of a concrete joke in many respects depends on at what stage there are your relations. If it is about the girl with whom you already had to go out on dates, then you should not limit too the imagination, and here with the stranger it is necessary to behave more frostily not to push away her inappropriate or ambiguous humour.

Whether you know? According to psychologists, constant communication of people by means of SMS messages disposes them to a lie.

Besides, it is possible that you will want to be lightened the mood to the girlfriend or just familiar, so, all statements have to be deprived by a romantic component. Let's consider each of ways more attentively.

The girl

In the relations with the girl at some stage the thematic barrier disappears, and it is easy for you to communicate on absolutely different subjects. If it already occurred and even ambiguous jokes do not cause in the darling of manifestation of indignation, then it is possible to use safely them in communication. It concerns also those cases when the girl already knows (or guesses) about feelings to it therefore she will absolutely quietly react to such jokes.

Examples of positive messages in this case can be considered the following:

— "Day lasts long awfully, well though I will go on a date, the truth in the evening?"

— "I prepared something for you here, only promise not to laugh at my oratorical data".

Of course, she will long not laugh at such messages, but here increase in her mood and further communication "on a positive" is guaranteed.


Familiar girls can quite send fresh jokes, but it is desirable neutral subject. The trite and worn-out comic messages in this case will not approach, however, only if the sense of humour of the interlocutor does not coincide with your personal.

Important! It is very simple to make laugh the girl who treats you initially kindly. The humour with the hidden compliment (for example, the similarity mention with some animation character, is desirable positive), however, will be especially good in this case it should not turn into rough flattery.


With the stranger it is always necessary to be alert, trying not to allow excessive liberties in your communication. No SMS with trite implication should be, also try not to call her by excessively tender words, it seems "Darling" or "Baby" as most of interlocutors will regard it as lightness of you. However you should not exclude compliments: for example, if it has curly hair (on a photo in VK it is perfectly visible), call it "curly" or play on other features of its appearance (biography) that, undoubtedly, will introduce a positive note in your communication. You should not exclude from the list of possible messages and personal amusing stories, especially if they concern the subject discussed at present. The ability to laugh at itself and the mistakes for certain will be pleasant to any girl even if you are at the initial stages of communication with it. Besides, as well as in other cases, amusing pictures and videos from the Internet or personal photos in amusing situations, but it already on your discretion will help to amuse the stranger a sms.

Whether you know? Leaders in the number of the sent mobile messages are Americans who use SMS service not less than 800 billion times a year.

Whether it is worth using old jokes

Old, "bearded" jokes and the worn-out phrases are good only if you can foresee reaction of the interlocutor to them. Such way of a raising of mood can be regarded by unfamiliar girls as full lack of imagination of you or unwillingness to trouble itself an invention of modern amusing stories.

Therefore, striking up new acquaintances, try to be as much as possible original, without using in messages all the known jokes and jokes. At the same time in correspondence with the darling such humour can quite help you, the main thing that everything written anyway was connected with it.

Inadmissible jokes for the girl of VKontakte

There is also a number of the jokes inadmissible in any communication with girls, it is unimportant whether you are familiar several years or exchanged only couple of messages.

Usually it is the following subjects:

  • black humour, especially with a mention of children or animals;
  • ridiculing (let and small) personal qualities of the interlocutor or features of her appearance;
  • abusive jokes;
  • too trite, "covered" with nothing jokes;
  • active ridiculing of mistakes of the friends and family.

If acquaintances and pen friends still somehow can forgive you similar liberties, then after the similar message to the unfamiliar girl you risk further communication with it.

It is important! To make laugh the darling, try to remain always on a positive, maintaining self-checking even then when to you it is absolutely gloomy. Believe, the bad mood will be noticeable even in the absence of personal contact, so, it will not be possible to achieve a goal and to amuse the interlocutor to you.

Useful tips

So, considering all aforesaid, it is simple to select concrete recommendations concerning ways of a raising of mood in network. To any girl messages will be interesting:

  • with "fresh" and relevant humour, perhaps, concerning some news;
  • with the jokes appropriate in a specific situation;
  • with the bright and memorable comic phrases which can become further "winged" in your communication;
  • with kind mockery over the personal mistakes (here it is important not to go too far).

If the imagination is not enough, then the comedy telecasts and various stand-ups which are taking place with participation of professional comedians will help to develop sense of humour. Also it is worth writing down all useful comic remarks which come to your mind, perhaps, some of them it is useful in the near future.

Learn how to interest the girl in a conversation or in correspondence.

Even if you avoided jokes in the messages earlier, it does not mean yet that similar positive communication not for you. Try to think as often as possible of possible cheerful replies to standard messages, and over time you will notice really standing options which and are not a shame for writing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team