What leads a sedentary life to

What leads a sedentary life to

In the modern world, unfortunately, very big percent of people who lead a passive life and do not even know about with what it for them is fraught. And the enemy needs to be known by sight, then serious consequences can easily be avoided.

What way of life inactive

Mobility of a way of life of the person is estimated quite simply. If the individual moves less than 30 minutes during the day, then, alas, such way of life is inactive, and it is very hazardous to health and even of activity of internals.

Whether you know? Results of many researches showed that each spent hour takes away from human life 22 minutes, and 1.5 hours not of a really intensive cardiotraining (run, jumps) will add more than an hour to the general life expectancy.

Reasons of an inactive way of life

Technical progress became the main obvious reason for an inactive way of life. Emergence of the modern equipment almost completely excluded need of people to move (apart from workers who work exclusively physically). Office workers carry out the whole working day at the computers.

The plants are as much as possible automated, and most of workers needs to monitor operation of the modern equipment only. School students do not miss houses idle, now on all apartment there is Wi-Fi, and there are no reasons to leave to walk to the yard even in a sunny weather and so on …

The human body gets used to constant lack of the movement and literally loses ability to burn the normal number of calories and it is correct, rational to use all elements received for time of meals.

Whether you know? America is the first country on population obesity percent, and all because residents of this power mainly lead an inactive life in a complex with constant consumption of fast food. It promotes very fast obesity, and respectively, and to a huge number of problems with health.

Low-mobility from within

The inactive way of life causes a hypodynamia which leads to problems with internals, and later and to more serious diseases. First of all the excessive assiduity influences directly the main muscle of our organism — warm. Weakening, heart does less productive reductions that promotes a lack of a tone of vessels. A consequence is the slowed-down metabolism and cellular insufficiency of oxygen. Such series of events very quickly can lead to various pathologies.

Learn how to begin to work effectively; to focus on work; to work and all to be in time; to be in time more, and to work less.

Joints also strongly suffer from lack of activity: there are diseases of a backbone and the musculoskeletal device in general.

It is known that muscle bulk does not vanish, and disappears under fat therefore from lack of an opportunity to burn excess calories the organism quickly gains fat weight, and then there is obesity that is serious test for a liver, kidneys and, of course, hearts, and muscles are exposed to dystrophy. Even the minimum physical activities with such problems will be given most difficult.

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Whether you know? To burn the fat which is saved up for the last year quite simply, and here not much can say goodbye with a fat mass of last years. Fat has stiffen property, and the organism considers it habitual that prevents to drive it easily.

Standard daily rate of consumption of calories a day when sitting

Calories — units which measure amount of heat received by an organism from the acquired food. For avoiding of a skaplivaniye of excess fat in a human body there is a certain consumption rate of kilocalories a day for different categories of people (the norm depends on a sex, age, a way of life).

So, the necessary number of kilocalories for women who lead a passive life:

  • 19-25 years — no more than 2000 kcal/day;
  • 26-50 years — 1800 kcal/day;
  • 51 years and more — 1600 kcal/day.

Calories necessary for maintenance of a normal fat layer of men:

  • 19-30 years — 2400 kcal/day;
  • 31-50 years — 2200 kcal/day;
  • 51 years and more — no more than 2000 kcal/day.

Important! Even if necessary to lose weight it is impossible to use less than 1200 kilocalories a day. Such experiments can lead to diseases of a gall bladder and also to violations of work of heart.

Sedentary life: consequences for health

Consequences of a sedentary life can be quite serious, all human body takes part in such inaction.

So, the received hypodynamia can cause such consequences:

  • obesity (at an early stage — growth of a beer stomach at men);
  • prostatitis and loss of potency at men;
  • osteochondrosis and other problems with a backbone;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • sciatica and back pains;
  • locks;
  • problems with a cardiovascular system;
  • problems with a liver;
  • urolithic disease.

The list of consequences is not complete, the organism of each person in own way reacts to a way of life.

Advantage of physical activity at sedentary activity

Need of physical activity is obvious to modern society. Not for nothing say: the movement — life. And when carrying out the most part of day in a sitting position, the training especially is necessary for muscles.

Scientists counted that the simple two-minute activity for each hour of work will help to keep a tone for an organism. First, legs will not become numb; secondly, additional calories are spent; thirdly, muscles will warm up and even the head will become lighter. Such activity will prevent emergence of stagnation in fabrics, will improve blood circulation and normalizes breath.

The complex of morning exercises can bring big benefit to an organism: to accelerate awakening and a metabolism, to increase working capacity, to reduce a stress, to improve work of a brain.

To avoid reduction of life because of an inactive way of life, doctors strongly recommend to add to the usual week at least 2-3 hours of not intensive trainings. In that case no above-mentioned illnesses threaten.

Exercises for inactive people

Many large office companies developed special exercises long ago and allocated time for employees during which people can come off desktops and execute several plain exercises for warm-up of a tired body.

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Such experience is not widespread in the domestic companies, but it is not an occasion to show indifference to the organism. Let's consider several simple exercises by means of which it is possible to warm up, without departing from a workplace. Before performance of this complex it is desirable to warm a body. For this purpose it is necessary to resemble a fast pace several minutes, or to pass couple of floors there-back.

  • Elastic buttocks
  1. We sit down on edge of a chair, we incline the case a little forward.
  2. We put the relaxed hands on a table.
  3. We strain buttocks and we raise the case on several centimeters, we detain a basin in such situation for several seconds.
  4. We carry out 10-15 repetitions, each time loading can be increased.

To make beautiful and elastic, carry out attacks with a bar and dumbbells.

  • Beautiful breast
  1. We sit down on edge of a chair, we straighten a back.
  2. Hands we embrace chair armrests so that hands were from outer side.
  3. We squeeze elbows, mentally trying to press armrests to a body, clamp intense elbows for 8-10 seconds.
  4. To carry out 10-15 repetitions, loading can be increased.
  • Steel press
  1. We sit down on a chair: an equal back, buttocks are strained.
  2. We take a deep breath, at an exhalation we pull in a stomach.
  3. We carry out not less than 50 repetitions, we watch that breath was equal.
  • Down with a stomach!
  1. We sit down on a chair: an equal back, the case slightly forward, hands back or in the parties, knees together.
  2. Slowly with effort we raise knees up, to a breast. To carry out 20-30 repetitions (muscles of a press have to be strained).
  • A biceps, as at Arnold
  1. We become near a table: a back a straight line, a press it is intense.
  2. We are taken by hands by the table edge and mentally we try to lift it, straining hands (biceps).
  3. To repeat exercise 15-20 times, loading can be increased.

Get acquainted with technology of performance of exercises for a biceps: raising of a bar on a biceps, raising of a bar on a biceps on Scott's bench.

  • Strong hands
  1. We become a back to a table, having bent elbows, we are reluctant palms about a table surface.
  2. We take away legs forward and we try to squat, placing emphasis on hands (reminds occupation on bars).
  3. We carry out 10-15 times, loading can be increased.
  • Warm-up for a foot
  1. Sitting on a chair, to raise a sock as much as possible on itself and back.
  2. To do circular motions in one and in other party.
  3. To take off footwear and to take for a drive on a floor a thick marker or glue stick.
  • Harmonious calves
  1. To rise behind a chair, a back direct, it is possible to hold a back, without shifting weight to hands.
  2. We rise on toes and we are late in this situation for 5-7 seconds.
  3. We carry out 20-30 repetitions.

Video: exercises in a workplace

It is important! If at each executed exercise work and small fatigue of the necessary muscles is felt, all of you do correctly.

Diet at a sedentary life

In order that the organism received the necessary number of calories and managed to burn everything, it is necessary to conform to several simple rules:

  • is it is necessary at the same time. The schedule of food plays very important role in weight loss. The organism has to know when it receives necessary minerals, and it is necessary to follow this schedule perfectly. And any failure — a big stress for a stomach and an organism in general;
  • it is less than portion — having a snack is more often. Ideally, the number of meals has to be 5-7 times a day, that is the organism has to feel constantly small hunger (not starvation and not strong glut at all). A secret — a small plateau into which the smaller quantity of products gets and looks volume and nourishingly. The first couple of days it will be difficult, but the stomach will quickly get used;

Important! The breakfast — is obligatory. It is necessary to develop the rule: has not breakfast — the house did not leave.

  • to exclude unnecessary junk food. Pizzas, fast food, sweets, smoking and other harmful products already do not bring any benefit, and at a sedentary life they are equivalent to death at all. It is possible to indulge once a month himself with something tasty, however for this purpose there has to be an occasion, for example, in time the executed important report.

So, the sedentary life in itself — not a sentence, and it does not mean at all that the person will precisely have obesity or heart diseases if to carry out certain rules. Every day, long sitting at the computer, we reduce the life, and it at us one. It is necessary to do simple exercises and to eat properly. In this situation the passive way of life will not affect harmful health.

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