What official marriage differs from civil in

What official marriage differs from civil in

More often it is possible to hear in various talk shows that any given couple lives a civil marriage which suits both partners. And still it is impossible to call it the real full marriage because there are no guarantees and attributes of original family life.

What is a civil marriage?

Semantics of this expression consigns far to the past. It is necessary to remember "Petrovsky" times. Then the church was separated from the state. There was other option of fixing of the relations: not only a church wedding, but also a civil marriage, i.e. the marriage fixed in the corresponding records of public authorities. So proceeded up to 1917, until, as Bolsheviks came to the power and discredited a religious cult in ashes.

Now the church marriage concluded in heaven does not enjoy such popularity as earlier. The wedding becomes a peculiar public rudiment. Therefore the value of a phrase "civil marriage" was changed radically. In modern conditions call it usual cohabitation of the man and woman without stamp in the passport.

Meeting, it is difficult to understand as far as you suit one another in life, everyday life. Quite so it is possible to learn as far as you are tolerant to the orchestra seats and as strongly you respect its personal space.

Present couples choose a civil marriage as some kind of dress rehearsal of official. But, unfortunately, sometimes such rehearsal drags on for years.

Advantages of official marriage before civil

Official marriage is first of all stability and confidence in tomorrow. Of course, it is a difficult step, however the people who are making out the matrimonial relations legally realize all importance of family values. There is a widespread phrase: "most of the men living in a civil marriage consider itself unmarried, and women - always the married". I.e., living together, it is possible to rise and leave at any time because by and large, except any feelings and emotions, connects nothing you. Official marriage is a heavy responsibility. Not for nothing it is treated as the union of the man and woman, and this union assumes existence of certain rights and duties, social guarantees from which it is odnominutno impossible to refuse and run away in the unknown direction. Practically all religious writing calls marriage end of young, free life and transition to mature existence.

Psychologically throughout many centuries in the woman the understanding that she will become someone's legal wife sharing both sorrows, and pleasures was put.

The rare girl does not dream to walk in a snow-white dress under Mendelssohn's march on a red carpet to tell treasured "Yes".

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