What pay attention at acquaintance to

What pay attention at acquaintance to

The first impression is considered the most faithful therefore many people are guided by it. But to make at others a favorable impression at acquaintance, it is desirable to know what moments draw attention first of all.

Channels of perception

During acquaintance the people consciously and subconsciously pay attention to a number of things. Some of them are well-known and are even reflected in the corresponding proverbs, and practically nobody thinks of others though their influence on the first impression is not less at all.

It is possible to determine the main channel of perception of the interlocutor by various markers. For example, whether visual learners are more often than others use introduction expression "see", and audiala use a design "listen".

There is a theory according to which people are divided into three groups, depending on that, how exactly they prefer to learn the world around. So-called visual learners pay the main attention to visual impressions, audiala generally rely on hearing, and kinestetik – on tactile feelings and smells. If you do not know to what group your vis-a-vis belongs, appropriate will to try influence all three canals of perception positively. In practice it means that at acquaintance it is necessary for creation of a good impression not only well and to look accurately, but also to monitor the speech, gestures, a mimicry. Besides, the unpleasant smell or too strong handshake can frighten off the person whom you meet.

What to pay attention to

It is paradoxical that, despite all brevity of the moment of acquaintance, during this time its participants manage to transfer and apprehend a huge number of information. The attention is paid to quality and breed of clothes, its style and approximate price. The getting acquainted women often concentrate on jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets which can tell much about the hostess. However, it is peculiar to pay attention to status things not only to women. Men also notice both expensive watch, and designer ties, and precious accessories. Besides any given objects of clothes which can report about prosperity of their owner an important role is played also by care of their selection, accuracy, purity. Even the most expensive suit with a spot from ketchup will allow to draw a conclusion that its owner though is rich, but is careless and inattentive. Naturally, it will affect the first impression. More visual learners differ in such observation, but also representatives of other groups can notice discrepancy.

Too strong desire to be pleasant can be noticed and apprehended negatively too, being afraid of a dirty trick. It is better to behave quietly and adequately.

Important factors are also the voice, contents of the speech, gesticulation. It is known that people obtain the main part of information in personal contact by means of nonverbal means of communication to which the intonation, a mimicry, a pose and gestures belong. For example, the hands crossed on a breast at the time of representation can lead to a conclusion that the person tries "to be fenced off" from acquaintance. Traditionally the procedure of acquaintance includes handshake. It is important that it was not too strong, otherwise your vis-a-vis will apprehend it as aggression. On the other hand excessively sluggish handshake will make an impression of a bezvolnost and weakness. Naturally, the palm should not be damp as it irritates practically all greeting people. At last, it is impossible to forget about smells. If your perfume too aggressive and sharp, then the interlocutor does surely note this circumstance about himself. At the same time well picked up cologne or spirits allow to leave about themselves a pleasant impression at the subconscious level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team