What phobias at the person happen?

What phobias at the person happen?

Each person in the life feels fear. It is a normal consequence of an instinct of self-preservation. If there was no fear, what would prevent to jump off, for example, from a roof of a high-rise building or to thrust fingers into the socket? But the fear of what can follow stops. However, the fear and a phobia are a little different things from the psychological point of view. If the fear is a natural reaction of an organism to certain events or external conditions, then a phobia – it rather already uncontrollable fear go even horror which, quite often, has no special reason, there is no threat. In psychiatry of a phobia of the person carry to persuasive states, persuasive fears of which it is quite difficult to get rid even if you realize their absurdity.

Types of phobias of the person

At the moment by experts in the field of psychology about three hundred phobias are opened. Such quantity of various human fears simply strikes, isn't it? It is not possible to list all modern phobias of the person within one article simply and necessary too as phobias have a convenient classification dividing them into types. The most convenient and clear is classifications of the psychiatrist Karvasarsky, dividing phobias into eight groups.

  1. Spatial phobias. It as it is possible to understand, any fear of space. For example, quite widespread claustrophobia.
  2. Sociophobia. Fear of people in different manifestations often meets at teenage age. It can be fear of public statements, fear of acquaintances to new people, fear to lose close people and so on.
  3. Fear of diseases. Usually fear to ache becomes aggravated during some epidemics or just in catarrhal time. Such fear is called a nozofobiya.
  4. Fear of death. Thanatophobia or fear of death is quite widespread fear. At the same time, it meets not only at elderly people, but also at teenagers.
  5. Sexual fears. For example, koitofobiya or differently fear of sexual intercourse. Quite often such fear meets at young girls. Here it is possible to refer also fear of touches.
  6. Fear of pain. Actually, the set of various phobias enters this category. It can be both fear of pain, and fear to do much harm to someone.
  7. "Contrast" phobias. The modest and constraining person can in panic be afraid to come under the spotlight and so on.
  8. Fobofobiya. Also the fear of fear per se is not less widespread. Absurdly? At all.

Considering in general what are phobias at the person, it is impossible to mention all interesting phobias which are found at people, but the main are present here. If you understood that you have some phobia, then it is desirable to ask for the help the psychologist, life without persuasive fears will become much simpler.

What else there are phobias at the person?



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