What pleasant words can be told the favourite guy

What pleasant words can be told the favourite guy

Tender words are capable to melt any female heart. But women practically do not think that men need similar "pleasant things" too and wish to hear them from the beloved. Therefore the girl who has a young man has to be able to put the feelings pleasant into words.


It is considered that to give compliments, destiny of gentlemen. However and the girl it is quite good to master this science. To the guy the praise of one of its advantages is the cornerstone of any compliment. In difference from girls who allegedly cannot tell "the hackneyed phrases" the guys treat compliments more quietly because less often they are heard. And here the criticism acts on them much stronger and to be restored happens very difficult. Men are not able to afford to show weakness and to be cried on shoulder to the friends therefore the experiences put with a sharp word easily can develop into complexes.

Before learning to tell to the guy pleasant, take for the rule never to subject its qualities and actions to sharp criticism.

It is considered that it is wrong to repeat the same words. But if you with the guy are in the relations for a long time and, despite this, still admire his courageous cheekbones why not to remind him of it every time when you want? Thus you will only emphasize identity of the man that, of course, will give him pleasure. It is very difficult to list the list of pleasant words which will suit your guy. But it is possible to list what it is important to note and praise in the man. All compliments conditionally are divided into two groups: those that concern appearance and that treat character.

About appearance

Many men love when girls give a compliment concerning their taste in clothes though at first can seem that "rags" do not interest them at all. If you liked his new shirt, surely tell about it. But pay attention that it is necessary to praise not a shirt, and how it in it great looks. Try to find why it to it so goes: maybe the shirt approaches under color of eyes or emphasizes its sports figure.

Men want to look courageously

The girl, being near the man, has to do by the presence it courageous and sure. To reach such effect, it is necessary to emphasize courageous traits of character of the guy correctly. If thoughts of your young man are non-standard and considerably differ from stereotypic thinking, then you have to note it. Men like to look clever, so your words will give it self-confidence. When your young man jokes, you should not ignore his humour. If you are able to estimate his joke, it will be finer than any pleasant words. Also the words noting its internal force and deep feeling of responsibility will be pleasant to the man. Compliments about it will let know that you trust him, so he is your defender. Also it is important to guys to achieve the certain success in sex. To girls, perhaps, their aspirations in this sphere are not always clear, but it does not mean that you have to ignore its achievements. If something was pleasant to you, place emphasis on it, praise its creative approach and ability to understand women. As a result you absolutely precisely receive the strong and self-assured man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team