What qualities are pleasant to girls in guys

What qualities are pleasant to girls in guys

Women can have various requirements to guys: some love clever, others the rich, the third strong. However, anyway, it is possible to allocate a number of qualities which girls appreciate in young people most of all.

The best qualities: traditional "gentlemen's set"

Even for thoughtless girls who like to poflirtovat often huge value has such quality as ability to be loyal. Sometimes it is rather simple to man to argue about beauty passing by the girl or to be lost in contemplation of it, and here his beloved is already jealous and cannot find any peace, drawing in imagination of a picture of treason. It is important to consider that for women the incorrectness often is not only in sexual intercourse, but even that the man fell in love with another and began to conduct with it very doubtful correspondence.

Such quality as responsibility is highly appreciated very much too. If the man easily makes promises and does not carry out them and also does not wish to be responsible for own acts, it will be not too easy for it to be pleasant to the girl. Especially hard the lack of this quality is perceived in case the woman is ready for the serious relations, wants to make family and understands that such man cannot entrust neither the help to the pregnant wife, nor child care and it is not necessary to hope that he at least will buy products on the way home too.

Girls quite often like also self-assured guys. The secret of the fact that often "bad boys" are much more popular than clever, but very timid good boys consists in it. Of course, you should not rush to extremes: the quiet self-confidence supported with steadiness and practicalism will be the best option.

What is pleasant to women in men

Strong guys are always highly appreciated, but it does not mean at all that girls do not like romanticism. If the man is gentle, tender, romantic, organizes moonlight walks and dinners by candlelight, gives good compliments, he has good chances to win the heart of the woman, in particular young and dreaming of beautiful courtings. Mind – as a rule, natural line. And here the erudition can quite and be developed. The man who can tell many interesting things or explains to the woman something that to her it is unclear, becomes both the lady-killer, and a reason for pride. The main thing is not to go too far and not to turn into the bore as such guys are rather stood often, than loved. At last, girls often like in men such quality as generosity. It is not obligatory to spend at the same time for the beloved a lot of money at all – enough only to be able to spend them correctly and not to stint. It is better to do often small pleasant surprises, than every two yearsevery two yearsevery two yearsevery two years to present a bouquet of roses, risking to hear a natural question: "What did you do?"

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