What qualities the brutal man has

What qualities the brutal man has

Women like different men. Someone prefers diligent family men, someone former "botanists", and someone attracts sexy and brutal men.

Modern classification

The words "man" and "courageous" have one root. Unfortunately, not all boys are fated to change the status, many live up to deep gray hairs, without having learned responsibility for themselves and relatives.

In modern society there are several types of men, each of which has pronounced qualities and the signs inherent only to this type. For example: mother's darling - the adult a body, but the child - spirit. Zalaskanny and coddled, not got used to resolute actions, not capable of high acts and in everything relying on opinion of mother (or other senior relatives); the man the botanist is the weak, weak-willed, diffident, but having high intellectuality individual. The closed, leading passive life.

Both types are not too charming and have no special success with women.

The brutal man - the hunter and a male

Opposite, contrast option is the man brutal. A word it has a direct bearing on that Brutus, Julius Caesar's pogubitel. England uses the word "brutal" only in a negative way that not surprisingly as the word is translated as – cruel, rough, sharp. Men brutal differ from "ordinary" men in courage, charisma, self-confidence and gaucherie. All these qualities have to be natural, pronounced, but not exaggerated at all.

That is in the man there has to be some sharpness, but not rudeness, rigidity, but not cruelty.

The brutal man watches himself – he is sporty, tightened, perfectly dressed – and makes an impression of 100% of the macho. The external sexuality perhaps is slightly energetic, but attracts and attracts perfectly. He is full of advantage and will not afford base acts. To thin natures the brutal man sees each other a male and the hunter, so it in general also is. All these qualities in total of course are very attractive to women. The manner to look after at such men is similar to military operations. You will just take by storm! Will not give also minute of a respite, will surround with care and attention, will disperse (sometimes and physically) other applicants. The brutal man needs to show the force, to be a support and support, to inspire belief and admiration. The strong woman should subdue the temper – the brutal man does not suffer the competition, especially from women. To try to hold such man at a leg equivalently suicide. Do not hope to find in this macho of the thin esthete – he is too straightforward and does not distinguish shades. He is physically not capable of meanness and treachery, over time from him the ideal husband and the father will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team