What questions of the man want to hear from girls

What questions of the man want to hear from girls

The correct approach to men's psychology is a secret of fast drawing attention and strong the relations. Asking right questions, it is easy to deserve reputation of the loving and careful woman.

Culinary questions

Men - big fans to eat well. And in spite of the fact that often the stronger sex prepares better, any man will be glad to have the economic wife able to cook tasty borsch. However the young man as the head of the family, loves when all under his control.

Therefore the questions "What Today to Prepare?" or "What Do You Want to Eat for Dinner?" will come in handy. The man will be sure that his opinion is considered, and the house it is waited by a tasty stake, but not dietary chicken breast. Besides, culinary questions demonstrate female economy and care - and it, according to men, the most important qualities.

Interest in personal records

Coming from work home, the man wants to have a rest and relax. At work there are different situations - and problems with the administration, both difficult projects, and unexpected encouragement. It is pleasant to the young man when the girl is interested in his affairs, asking what was at work and how was your day. Of course, you should not throw immediately the man with questions, or to ask him if it not in mood to talk. But the small conversation about last day always brings together the loving people.

Besides questions of affairs, you pay to the man compliments - the stronger sex loves them not less, than weak.

Request for the help

The man likes to feel strong. Therefore small requests for the help will do good to his vanity. Do not hesitate, ask the man how to repair phone, to install the program on the computer or to cope with the died-out car. But be not overzealous - the stronger sex likes fragile young ladies, but not helpless little girls.

Awareness on its interests

Most of male bachelors do not want to marry because they consider women too exacting and selfish. Break down this stereotype! Ask more often that your man wants. Learn what its plans for the weekend as he wants to spend free time and what movie to watch. The man will estimate care and, in turn, will consider your interests too.

Be interested in male opinion even if you already have ready plans.

Experiments in a bed

The sexual activity is important aspect in the man's life. Your satellite will be glad if you show an initiative in this sphere. Ask it whether he wants to try something brand new. Or learn what sexy underwear he prefers. Even the simple question "Whether You Want to Go to Bed Today a Bit Earlier?" is capable to be raised at the man a storm of emotions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team