What should learn from Arabs

What should learn from Arabs

Many children since the childhood are frightened by stories that allegedly Arabs angry and cruel and in family often meet at them husbands tyrants, and wives have no rights and they should serve husbands, to stay at home and give birth to children.

The majority of the facts known to us are too exaggerated and informed on the East incorrectly. For example, at east people the informal head of family it is considered to be mothers. Men perform functions of patrons and defenders. All family members listen and respect the informal head, and moreover, before adoption of the important decision it is required to ask opinion of the senior wife. Without its permission it is impossible to do anything. Men need to be gentle with the relatives and wives.

In east countries very much love children. They are beautifully dressed up and often indulged gifts. At Arabs it is considered normal if on the street the stranger treats the child with candy. However children are forbidden to be capricious and not to obey parents. Boys already since the childhood are brought up as men. So, in Iraq if desired parents can send the son to military school where they learn not only to usual objects, but also how to handle weapon.

Of course, the Arab can beat the wife, but similar occurs not more often than at other people. However the Quran says that paradise is available only to the good husbands caring for the wives. Also in the countries where there live many Arabs, it is necessary to respect women. It is necessary those who does not understand it hardly. The fact is that Arabs are on friendly terms with all relatives and they have very big families. So, if the husband at least once hits the wife, then she can tell about all this to the relatives and then they will come to the man and will intercede for the relative.

Arabs, as well as at other people, quite often have also difficulties. Not it must be assumed that they are fine as in all countries there are pluses and minuses and also unhappy families. Nevertheless there is a sense to get acquainted with foundations of other people and to think what it should learn at them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team