What signs of the husband – the tyrant

What signs of the husband – the tyrant

Life with the husband tyrant can bother even to the most appeasable woman once. Continuous reproaches and discontent, aspiration to direct everything, restriction of your right to freedom – here some of numerous signs of the despotic spouse.

Signs of the husband tyrant

Analyze current situation – you are really sure that your husband the tyrant? Perhaps, he really him is. But maybe so what you seek to indulge in wishful thinking and in practice just do not want to accept quite legal requirements of the husband and his excessive adherence to principles in some questions.

There are quite certain signs on which it is possible to distinguish the spouse despot. So, if your husband aspires in all possible ways to limit your right to freedom of action and decision-making, he, most likely, has tyrannical bents. For example, you have to ask from it permission to descend somewhere: on a visit to relatives or friends, or you are obliged to report to it on each spent ruble, etc.

The husband tyrant, most likely, will not allow you to make freely even such simple decisions as, for example, acquisition of the subscription to the gym or the pool, purchase of a new dress without its permission, the invitation on a visit of relatives or friends, etc. If you disobey it, your spouse for certain will not disregard your act and will surely state you the claims. Wives of despotic spouses, as a rule, do not work even if you want it. Financial independence of the lady deprives of the tyrant of the main levers of impact on it. Such man has less reasons for reproaches and statements that he it, ungrateful, feeds, give to drink, dress, etc. Life with the husband tyrant can develop an inferiority complex at his spouse, always impart it constant sense of guilt before the and in everything the right half. Can reach that the situation in family will cease to be perceived by the woman objectively. It will be morally broken and will fall a victim of the despotic husband, without trying to change the situation somehow. In effect, male tyrants pursue one aim: to make so that near them there were their slaves, loyal which would be afraid of them and implicitly carried out all their whims. The despot revels in the power, constantly breaks rage on the victim, ego-trips at the expense of it, is frequent without the objective reasons offending and abusing other person.

What to do with the husband despot?

If among the above signs of the despotic spouse you recognized the husband, begin to assert your right to personal freedom. Do not indulge all his desires and requirements, show own character, show that you are capable to make decisions independently. Unfortunately, quite often the husband despot cannot be re-educated, and then the divorce becomes the only exit from current situation. But before deciding on such drastic measure, nevertheless try to talk frankly and quietly to your husband, it is reasoned explain to him that you do not accept such state of affairs. Sometimes the wife allows the husband to become a despot. Her indecision, infantilism, softness of character can provoke manifestation of tyrannical bents in character of the spouse. From the first days of family life correctly place priorities, you do not seek to appear in a shadow. Remember that you and your spouse in everything have absolutely equal rights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team