What speaks about treason of men

What speaks about treason of men

By the nature some men need many women. Education or moral qualities of the person can influence it. In modern society the polygamy is not welcomed, especially in marriage. Therefore men often fool around and suppress this fact.

To understand, the man changes or not it is not so difficult, rather simple to pay attention to some moments. Signs of unfaithfulness of the man can be divided into two categories: psychological and physiological.

Possible physiological signs

If the man has no problems with health, he normally eats and not so strongly gets tired, but at the same time the lack of sexual desire of the partner begins to take place, then it can quite be prznaky the fact that the man has someone on the party. Besides, the smaller amount of sperm can take place during sexual intercourse with the spouse. If there are no problems with health, then this substance has to be produced in normal quantities. However, if the woman notices that suddenly the efficiency of the man sharply decreased, means ejaculations on the party take place.

Psychological signs

The man begins to avoid intimate life with the woman. Its character is corrupted. In communication the roughness or dispassionateness is shown. However can happen and vice versa. The man becomes especially tender, in every possible way tries to be lovely and extraordinary kind as though makes amends.

In clothes there can be new things which style drops out of a habitual number of the available things.

There can be a new toilet water. At the same time, if the man was not a fan of any certain brand and in general seldom used perfume, then existence of new bottles and frequent use them can cause suspicion.

At some men addictions in food, preferences in music and cinema can change. Sharp change of addictions and hobbies can indirectly demonstrate presence of other woman who accustomed to it.

These are some of the brightest signs of treason of the man, but this list not all. There are also more primitive prerequisites. For example, long delays at work, reduction of the family budget at inexplicable expenditure, reserve of phone calls and messages, interest in communication on social networks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team