What subjects should not you discuss with the man?

What subjects should not you discuss with the man?

To men, as well as women, the attention, caress and a praise is constantly required. The woman, if wants to hold the satellite, has to have such qualities as: cunning, resourcefulness and, of course, wisdom.

Care in a conversation

Taboo subject for a talk is the hint on a wedding. All men different and therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful in a conversation with them, especially when the relations only begin. Men most of all appreciate the freedom.

Only and for the rest of life

Subject on which it is better not to communicate with the man, it about the former admirers. All men, in fact, are owners for this reason you should not discuss with them the antecedents. Each man wants to feel like the first at the woman in every respect, and it will be pleasant to whom that his passion had novels every month. Let thinks that he the best in your life.

Comfortable life

All know that the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach. It is impossible to disclose about the at all inability to prepare. Men got used to live in comfort, and if at once to show them that you are not capable to provide them it, it will hardly be pleasant to them.

The past under a secret

If there was a bad childhood or the past, you should not tell simply about all details of the life. The man can think: what relatives, means and it is the same therefore it is necessary to avoid such subjects. Remember, everything is good in its season.

Men do not love when they speak to them about shortcomings, it only frightens off. Therefore you should not repeat every time about how he recovered or it cannot satisfy you. All this will only complicate therefore it is always necessary to ennoble it, to allow to feel like Apollo, and to try to correct shortcomings imperceptibly and independently.

It is impossible to compare the man to others or just to allow it to feel that it in something is worse than others.

Communication manners - pledge of the strong relations

All of us love, we respect and we appreciate the parents, for men this phenomenon not an exception too. If there is a hostility to his parents, you should not show it, it can lead also to break in relations with it. On the contrary, it is necessary to show and be at the best only, good reviews or the help to his parents will characterize you only from the necessary party, and it will be very pleasant to your man.

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