What tender nicknames happen

What tender nicknames happen

To pay to the person attention rather tenderly to call it. Gentle nicknames are different. How one person calls another, it is possible to draw a conclusion on its character and intentions.


1. Hare or hare. Such tender nicknames testify to the partner's azartnost. This is the person who playfully behaves in everything. But he is rather jealous and suspicious to give trouble. About such say: "Much ado about nothing", they are capable to turn any trifle into scandal.

2. Pussycat and her derivatives. It is one of the most widespread tender nicknames. They are used on the attitude both towards the girl, and towards the guy. The people calling darlings so are gentle and ordinary. They do not like to complicate something and all speak openly and in plain terms.

3. Sweet or sweet. This nickname emphasizes the fact that the partner is deliberately emotional. In clarity of its feelings it is possible to begin to doubt. But nevertheless he tries to be gentle.

4. Sun or sun. Among all tender and gentle nicknames there is, perhaps, the most sincere. People who so speak do not hesitate of the emotions. They are frank and honest. Their interest in the personality to whom this compliment, nepoddelen is addressed. So often call the children of mother.

5. Berry. Often so those who are vigorous and independent of others call favourite people. For them feelings and emotions are not priority. On the first place at them of a pit and own personality.

6. Sweetie. This tender nickname speaks about aspiration of the partner to close contact. Behind it strong feelings optional lie, also search of benefit is possible. Statistically, this word is more often goes from girls towards men.

7. Paw or lapulya. Close people who long ago together usually use this nickname. They are ready to make everything for the sake of the partner. Such devotion is shown in each their step.

8. My life. This phrase sounds majestically, but is too loud. The pathos can testify to insincerity saying it. Search says that the person is not capable of the serious relations and perhaps has tendency to unfaithfulness.

9. Road or expensive. So the people who are married address to each other. They appreciate rather a stability, than love in the relations. Their patience and respect for the partner preserve the relations for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team