What tender words are pleasant to girls

What tender words are pleasant to girls

Human relations are under construction on mutual sympathy. Quite often to express it, tender words help to emphasize importance of the person. Most often they are used towards girls. Selection of words in many respects depends on the level of your proximity.

When between you exclusively friendly relations, depends on selection of tender words much. If you afford too a lot of things, the girl can misinterpret the available relation. Therefore friendship should be expressed carefully.

It are pleasant to girls when address them tenderly. Fine option can become derivative of her name. For example, add to reduced the diminutive-hypocoristic termination (Olechka, Lenochka and so forth). In friendship such address looks naturally, but is not familiar or excessively intimate.

It is also possible "to play" with a name. Try to pick up to it a rhyme pleasant aurally (Sasha-lyubyasha, "Marinka-malinka", etc.). Such address looks lovely, innocently and very sincerely. Your girlfriend for certain will highly appreciate manifestation of your imagination. Friendship will not be spoiled also by the neutral tender words emphasizing the dignity of the girl. Various "cutie", "simpotyazhka", "smeshnulka" sound very pleasantly and for certain it will be pleasant to your girlfriend. However you remember: in process of accustoming for expression of tenderness it is necessary to be at new tender loss for words.

The relations open a huge scope for use of tender words. Their application in the first several months of meetings is especially active. In this case by means of tender words you easily lull into a false sense of security and will adjust the girl on the necessary harmony. The words reflecting your relation enjoy wide popularity at lovers. For example, it is pleasant to girls when tender call their "favourite", "good", "gentle", "lovely". At the same time at the end of each word it is possible to add ""mine"". It will show that you are ready to care for the girl and will give her to nobody. It will be pleasant to hear also standard "sun", "hare", "kitten". These words though are very popular, but from lips of darling are always perceived positively. Therefore do not hesitate to say them, especially in the presence of her girlfriends. However at the same time you monitor reaction of the darling: at some point this tender address can become boring. To define, addresses in what style most of all suit your girl the attentive attitude towards her will help. Listen what tender words most often she uses in your address. Do not hesitate to repeat them after her. It will show your involvement into the relations and the fact that your attention is concentrated on it. Do not hesitate to be tender and gentle, and the girl will highly appreciate it.

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