What the bridesmaid at a wedding has to do

What the bridesmaid at a wedding has to do

In the bridesmaid the unmarried relative or the girlfriend gets out. In combination she can be a witness. The bridesmaid is considered the significant person on a wedding action. She participates in preparation for a celebration, encourages the bride. In day of a wedding its help is invaluable at all.

The bridesmaid's duties prior to a wedding

The bridesmaid begins to carry out the duties long before the ceremony of a wedding. It has to meet the bride, discuss with it wedding details, help with everything. First of all they need to decide on in what style there will take place the action, having written down all necessary moments. The task becomes simpler at the appeal to services of the wedding agency.

The girlfriend also takes active part in the choice of a bridal outfit. They in common check catalogs, magazines, the special websites, visit salons. The girlfriend helps the bride councils. Selection of shoes, a veil and necessary accessories is carried out too together.

Prior to a wedding the bride with the girlfriend have to choose a hairstyle, a make-up and to decide on style. The girlfriend helps to choose salon and undertakes preliminary record. On brittle shoulders of two girls also the duty to pick up photographers, leaders, musicians, the venue of a feast, to select the menu and many other things often lays down. The girlfriend has to fix all important points in a notebook, without losing sight of anything. The bridesmaid has to undertake the organization of a hen party and repayment of the bride, having prepared scenarios. If necessary she participates also in decoration of the hall and cars. Some days before the wedding to all other duties the psychological support of the bride increases.

Duties of the girlfriend on the wedding day

Since the earliest morning the bride already has to have a girlfriend to help it to put on. She resolves the issues concerning the makeup artist, the hairdresser and watches composure of the bride, encouraging her. Slightly later the bridesmaid meets the groom with his friends and carries out repayment. The girlfriend has to arrive before young people to the REGISTRY OFFICE to help newly married to get out of the car and to correct a dress with a veil. Before registration procedure she throws back a veil of the bride and takes away a bouquet which after registration comes back. After registration the girlfriend with other guests goes to cafe where there will take place the feast. There they will organize a meeting of newlyweds. The girlfriend participates in a rassazhivaniye of guests in places and helps to find the place to the bride. After a feast participates in cleaning of the room. The girl chosen for this honourable role at a wedding has to be dressed elegantly, without eclipsing at the same time the bride. Length of a dress can be any, and here color coincidence should not be. As well as as newly married, it it is better to choose a dress together with the bride.

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