What the electronic cigarette or usual is more harmful?

What the electronic cigarette or usual is more harmful?

The person who decided to pass from smoking to soaring for certain will ask a question, important for himself that is more unhealthy – an electronic cigarette or usual. To answer it it is necessary to address some researches which data showed that electronic cigarettes do not constitute danger to the person.

As scientists found out, harm of an electronic cigarette takes place to be, but it depends on what quality at the nicotinic liquid which is contained in cartridges. The producers controlling process of production of devices let out them without the content of harmful impurity. The only substance which is contained in an electronic cigarette and capable to affect human health is a nicotine. If not professionals are engaged in production of such cigarettes, then it can be dangerously for the person. As underground production is not controlled, can add various impurity to composition of nicotinic liquid. For this reason, upon purchase of an electronic cigarette, it is necessary to pay attention to her manufacturer.

What cigarettes are more harmful – electronic or usual?

There is information that the electronic cigarette is more harmful, than simple, so it or not, it is necessary to understand. For a denial of this fact it is necessary to study composition of steam produced in the course of smoking.

It is known that as a part of liquid of electronic cigarettes there are following substances: glycerin, nicotine, water and propylene glycol. Glycerin and propylene glycol – harmless nutritional supplements. They are known in cosmetic and the food industries.

It is possible to make the assumption that electronic cigarettes are less harmful, than usual as as a part of the last scientists managed to find more than 4 thousand hazardous substances, besides nicotine.

Why then some claim that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than usual – not clearly. Being guided by structure it is possible to tell with confidence that electronic cigarettes are not so dangerous as usual.

Whether it is worth smoking an electronic cigarette?

Undoubtedly, having considered a large amount of advantages of an electronic cigarette, many will have a confidence that devices cannot cause danger to human health. But this delusion. To smoke electronic cigarettes to harmfully non-smoking people, children and pregnant women. Electronic cigarettes also are harmful to smokers with serious violations of health.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that the danger of an electronic cigarette can consist in quality of the device or liquid which it refuels. It is impossible to be fully confident that various impurity are not added to structure.

If there is a wish to derive pleasure from soaring and not to do harm to health, it is necessary to buy products only from the checked producers.

It should be noted that use of an electronic cigarette for the smoker with an experience is only positive as at the same time:

  • more pleasant flavoring feelings will return;
  • gum will not bleed;
  • the skin color of the person will improve;
  • over time the yellowness of teeth will disappear;
  • from a mouth will unpleasantly not smell.

Now, when it is known why electronic cigarettes are harmful, it is necessary to take into account that it is necessary to buy devices only with the best characteristics. It is necessary to give the preference to branded liquid and then there will be no reason for doubts in quality of goods.

It should be noted that financial expenses will not decrease at acquisition of an electronic cigarette as all its components are the account parts demanding regular investments.

But it is the best of all to refuse absolutely smoking and then there will be no questions on the fact that it is less hazardous to health.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team