What they are modern girls

What they are modern girls

Since the childhood inspire in all that girls are beings gentle, fragile and defenseless therefore they need the help of boys. But at teenage age at guys eyes open, and they see what modern girls actually. And this picture does not please them at all.


1. Of course, a lot of things in character of the girl depend on education and an example which she observes daily in the family. But nevertheless modern girls eyes of men in the general weight are the spoiled ill-bred persons. Why does that happenWhy does that happenWhy does that happen? Many girls can be surprised and even to take offense if to tell them similar.

2. In modern girls two lines – independence and helplessness inexplicably get on. The first is shown in early puberty, aspiration to leave quicker from under guardianship of parents, having proved them "maturity" by smoking, alcohol intake and intimate contacts with guys. The second says in lack of reference points, ignorance of real life, full isolation from all terrestrial and pensiveness.

3. It is necessary to mention pensiveness especially. Modern girls so plunged into the attracting world of luster that do not see its falseness. Teenage girls begin to copy not mother, and models and actresses. It leads to constant change of image, desire to submit men one look, shame to go outside without cosmetics. After all, the girl becomes the hostage of the appearance and ceases to pay attention to spiritual development.

4. What modern girls actually, will tell their intelligence. Today very few graduates of schools and even HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS know that Napoleon is not only cake, but also, first of all, the great French commander. Besides, some girls in general at first will mention the cognac bearing a name of the famous Corsican. Unfortunately, the younger generation of girls very much early begins to take alcohol, without thinking of future motherhood.

5. In the modern girl there is a lot of cynicism mixed with false ideas of romanticism. Abusive words, sex without obligations, the whole nights in clubs and the indulgent sneering attitude to guys alternates with the attacks of rough manifestations of feelings to these guys invented by sufferings and dreams of the prince charming who will take away away from this "damned reality". Where is farther from reality.

6. So, modern girls eyes of men are selfish bitches with a complex of the great princess. And what others, lovely and womanly, girls? And their guys simply do not see as they do not visit haunts of vice and do not "hang out" in the domestic companies. At best such girls have very narrow circle of contacts where men almost do not enter. In the worst – they sit at Internet forums under others nicknames. In extreme – turn into those notorious tearaways who can be met everywhere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team