What to do after the divorce

What to do after the divorce

Divorce almost always - a stress, heartrending experience. And not to be depressed after it, not to ache, it is necessary to try to treat psychologically competently this event and to see in it pluses.

Give vent to the experiences, do not hold back emotions, tears if they help: you remember that it is natural after the divorce, give yourself the chance to have a good cry. It is good if suitable "vest" - the reliable, understanding girlfriend or the native person is near. Entrust it at least a part of the feelings – it will become much easier to breathe.

You are not idle. Active actions will help to struggle with unnecessary offenses and excessive self-criticism. If it is possible, make repair, update the apartment completely – as your soul wishes. Without regrets throw out unnecessary things including those that remind of the former spouse from the house. Though what causes pleasant feelings should be kept.

Bright paints – here what now is necessary for you: enrich with them a situation, furniture, change dark colors of clothes, accessories for light. From bright colors the mentality automatically begins to develop positive emotions, to adjust you on an optimistic harmony. Do not become reserved, remember friends, colleagues, relatives – communicate to them, discuss everything that is interesting to you, penetrate into their problems. Perhaps, someone is in great need in your support now, is eager for your council, sympathy, waits for the help. Listen to the heart not only in relation to the troubles. Do not play with fire: you do not drown grief in wine though sometimes it seems in the easy way of disposal of gloomy thoughts. But know that 80% of women become alcoholics exactly thanks to a divorce, a break with darling. Distract yourself something less destructive: begin to learn a foreign language or take exotic dancing classes. It is quite good to get an animal – a cat or a dog. Communication with dumb animals perfectly heals sincere wounds. If insomnia, headaches, melancholy, apathy, excessive pity to themselves not only do not disappear, but even become aggravated, so came it is time to address the expert. The psychologist or the psychotherapist will help you to get out of the abyss of despair on the firm soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team