What to do at treason?

What to do at treason?

Treason in certain cases has positive impact on a condition of the person and on the relations between partners. For example, after the happened treason the partner can have more strong feelings (passion, inclination), to raise a self-assessment, he learns to appreciate darling.

But you should not forget that except good points the treason hurts the partner and causes feeling of treachery. Responsible tests a constant remorse, demands self-checking and making decision on how to prevent such situation in the future. Systematic repetition can lead to destruction of the relations and disintegration of a cell of society (for spouses). Psychologists do not exclude single and short-term unfaithfulness which positively influences development of the relations. However the prolonged relations on the party without the taken actions it is destructive influence married couples.

At emergence of suspicions against the partner or before the outlined departure it is necessary to mention in a conversation any story (it is possible even invented) about treason of the husband of the girlfriend, which led to a divorce or other adverse effects. It will become the first signal for the man, and, perhaps, he will think of current situation and in time will protect himself from undesirable communications. Also very correct solution of a question how to prevent treason, change of appearance, cardinal change of image is that will give a certain charm and will cause positive emotions in the partner. In this case it will have a desire to enjoy your beauty and elegance, and the need for search of other woman for sexual communications will disappear.

By the way, a great way is preliminary torture by sexual games that the man did not have forces and desire to begin flirtation with other women. Possible checks should not sound as threat, but it is necessary to warn about sudden surprises (for example, arrival of mother on an important issue or is ringing on stationary phone at any time). Often phone calls interfere with building relations on the party therefore do not hesitate to call and speak about the love for the man. If your fears have justifications, then it is not necessary to tighten a situation, it is necessary to solve it on the place. Unexpected arrival from giving or a travel will take the man unawares. Also immediate sexual intercourse by which activity it is possible to determine the level of desire of the man can serve as an indicator of reliability of your data on treason. Even if the man proved insufficiently actively in comparison with other cases, you should not roll up a hysterics, especially, if there are no absolute proofs of its treason. Such hysterical behavior can alienate partners and to become the cause of a divorce. It is more logical to interest the elect and to constantly show that you the best that he made a right choice. Let know to the beloved that he desired, take care and respect his opinion. Most likely, he will answer with the same relation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team